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  1. Japanese saves are different formats and can't be loaded to other region games / vice versa.
  2. Thanks, fixed on latest commit: https://github.com/kwsch/PKHeX/commit/0aa4a15851479952e66fd70414fce0087bd00198
  3. Calculating seeds for nonshinies was recently improved to be quick enough for realtime legality checks, as per the release notes. Calculating shinies takes more time, so it cannot be done realtime thus is not implemented.
  4. PKHeX does not handle "crossover" behavior for these encounters; nobody has documented the A<->B location bleed permissions or described if every single species/encounter-type is possible of bleed.
  5. Open a Sword/Shield save file, or change the program options to load a Sword/Shield blank save file. PKHeX has never removed support for prior games.
  6. The region 0x3000-0x3FFF was all 0xFF; fortunately the backup save wasn't corrupted for that block, so I copied that from 0x12000-0x12FFF and it opens fine. See attached. POKEMON_SAPP_AXPE_01.sav
  7. The PID rerolling for nature in Gen3/4 requires the Version to be set properly on the Met Tab. You likely did not specify anything, so it's (None).
  8. Gen6 contest ribbons depend on both visiting ORAS (eg can't be from XY with no Handling Trainer) as well as having OT Affection. Winning a contest in ORAS grants +20 affection to the OT Affection property, not to the current handler (game bug, never fixed). You likely are missing the affection value. It works in Gen8+ because the Affection property is no longer present in formats above Generation 7. As for the Gen3 in-game trades, unable to replicate on either Gen3 or Gen4 formats; they are created and appear legal on the latest release (23.08.23). It makes it easy for me to try replicating your errors if you upload pk* files.
  9. legality, not legitimacy. just because the odds aren't 0% doesn't mean it's not an immediate red flag. a 6IV shiny wild pokemon in S/V that has a mark has absurd odds, or things like having a specific Height/Weight value for multiple pokemon in the party. just because pkhex says an individual pokemon is "legal" does not mean it will always be viewed as "legal" or truly is. see the latest release, which now flags modified raids. there are a ton of things that pkhex doesn't look at in detail, as they are not currently implemented. only way to know for sure is to know everything there ever is about the intricacies of every single game, or write a program to do it for you.
  10. Thanks, all fixed on latest commit: https://github.com/kwsch/PKHeX/commit/00bb8ec7de0a617b5d8b1dae8856fe16ccdfe212
  11. No, there is no setting to disable legality checks in PKHeX. The legality checks are always being improved, and you modifying the Pokémon results in an arrangement not possible to obtain, which is by definition "illegal". Other encounters like Gen3/4 and Gen8 BDSP roamers have a similar correlation that has been checked and has been flagged. No, there is no setting to disable checking for updates. As always, you can choose to ignore both, but hiding them will not change the fact that your modified Pokémon are illegal.
  12. Read the changelog; if you have tampered with the raid Pokémon in any way, it will detect that you tampered with it. Seems like you changed IVs from the screenshot.
  13. the ".bak" file suffix is just a file name suffix; the file is the original file data that was loaded. Don't put other files in your citra savedata folder. Ensure it only has the files that it originally has, and that your newly edited save file only overwrites the existing `main` file.
  14. Gen5 was interesting in that the PIDRNG was separate from the IVRNG, aside from mystery gift encounters. So there's no detectable correlation for the Gen5 Pokemon you mentioned. It'll still draw suspicion if they're perfect shinies, as the games were difficult to search for seeds that yield those results.
  15. Yes to both, so effectively you can't premier ball Teddiursa.
  16. Not sure if it's in your downloads folder, but try somewhere else. Not sure if it's OneDrive or any cloud folder / file permissions thing. The program needs to be able to unpack itself to assumedly a temp folder, so it might be antivirus or something. Can always try the dev build which isn't a packed exe.
  17. My message was intended to be a thought exercise for whoever wanted to investigate it. The attachment is illegal, it only learns Thunder via TM yet it doesn't have the TM flag checked. Regular wild Pokémon in SV do not have any RNG correlation because they use the csprng.
  18. Break it down into smaller questions. 1. Is the encounter the Pokémon originated from subject to any RNG correlation or pattern? 2. Did the encounter get generated with the correct pattern straight from the database? 3. Is the correlation possible to calculate in near-realtime? 4. Is the correlation calculation implemented in the program? Good luck answering all for every encounter available in the games.
  19. Generation 1/2 Pokémon that originate from not-Crystal do not store their met location; PKHeX just finds the first encounter that could match the limited features, and sticks with it. There's no data difference in it matching what it did and where you caught it, besides the assertion that you know where you caught it. If you're trying to do a lowest-possible-level living dex, remember that GS has a level 10 Dragonair (not level 15), which is what PKHeX matched it to (assuming it has been leveled up 5 times).
  20. Thanks, resolved on latest. B2F does indeed have a separate fishing slot reference https://github.com/pret/pokecrystal/blob/6180be355ed1343e99f9682e8869abb7d8839e76/data/maps/maps.asm#L115-L117 SID=0 fixed, no longer shows Fishy. The Fishy RNG is because it never was fully implemented for every encounter type; Cute Charm compounds the weirdness.
  21. Extract the file to your computer. Don't run it directly inside the zip.
  22. Serebii does not list either Krabby or Corsola as available in Union Cave. https://www.serebii.net/pokearth/johto/2nd/unioncave.shtml
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