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  1. There's no way to specify incremental values with the batch editor. The batch editor only processes one pokemon at a time, and each does not influence any other slot. The batch editor edits a batch with the same modifications; if you want custom code with varied behavior, you can always write your own code with something like LINQPad.
  2. With custom firmware you can import any save file you like. If it was a manual backup without using custom firmware, then it's not of any use. Just import your old "main" like you would restore an edited save.
  3. The default value is 0. If you clear the HT Name, you need to clear the other HT values as well.
  4. What batch editor commands have you tried? A simple one would be to filter for species only being Zorua, then change the ball ID to the ball ID you want. The guide tells you how to find these IDs based on the currently loaded Pokémon. If it's only 6, it's probably faster to just change the ball manually rather than finding the correct IDs. Clicking on the ball will bring up a selection interface, and you can use the keyboard modifiers to quickly view/set by holding ctrl & shift respectively.
  5. Dump the exefs and get the main file, should be self explanatory. The program is not able to find it where it's listed. Randomizing doesn't reference the exefs, only a few things may need to modify it.
  6. Save file is uninitialized and is like you've never saved in-game.
  7. Opens just fine in PKHeX. Be sure you are using the latest download.
  8. If you haven't unlocked the storage, then you will have to unlock the storage. https://projectpokemon.org/home/forums/topic/62983-cant-access-storage-in-pbr/
  9. The batch editor isn't too "smart"; only a few shortcuts have been added to facilitate complicated actions. However, you can still do what you want if you think a little outside the box! Assuming you're editing for Gen8+, we can first randomize them to unused ability IDs, then fix them back to their correct ability for the slot. .Ability=$3000,3002 ; =Ability=3000 .AbilityNumber=$1 ; =Ability=3001 .AbilityNumber=$2 ; =Ability=3002 .AbilityNumber=$4
  10. Open it in a hex editor; doesn't look like the data that is normally in a valid save file. Tons of repeating junk values means it's a bad dump. Since it ran out of battery power, the data is no longer retained.
  11. You downloaded the source code. Go look in the downloads section on this site, not GitHub.
  12. Ask the plugin author. This forum is for PKHeX issues/discussion, not other people's unmaintained plugins.
  13. File names are arbitrary; give it whatever extension you want by renaming the file.
  14. It does not create a backup in the destination folder. If you have set up the bak folder when initially prompted by the program, it should be located in that folder next to the executable.
  15. https://projectpokemon.org/home/docs/home_165/relevance-of-home-tracker-home-v200-v300-and-beyond-r154/
  16. https://projectpokemon.org/home/docs/home_165/relevance-of-home-tracker-home-v200-v300-and-beyond-r154/ You can't "steal" trackers from other Pokémon; that's not how it works.
  17. If you import into a game which has transfer moveset restrictions (like x->HOME->S/V), then HOME->S/V will leave the original moves behind and reset them to S/V's current moveset. Special moves from previous games are no longer a thing for games after SW/SH.
  18. Fixed on latest, thanks again for reporting https://github.com/kwsch/PKHeX/commit/ab5fd5407911ba602c394b4303ee2b9798a6200c It's usually small things that need to be tweaked; cross-game transfers are annoying to determine all the gotchas!
  19. Deerling & Sawsbuck fixed on latest commits: https://github.com/kwsch/PKHeX/commit/6d2de333bfe895d3d35a3e96819fd78754bbfb7d https://github.com/kwsch/PKHeX/commit/26e4bf0a6a25570204e5191dcb2f88301767b460 Not fixing Farfetch'd; have known for quite a while that Bank mishandles it. Prefer to flag it as a Bank bug for now.
  20. You need to save in-game and export a proper save file. PKHeX does not remove support for prior games.
  21. ".sav" is just a part of the filename. Save it with whatever name you want. DeSmuME allows you to import files, even without extensions. You can still type in the file name manually.
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