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  1. Relearn Flags. Certain game formats allow Pokémon to remember which TMs they were instructed, so that they may easily relearn it at any time. You need to set the flag.
  2. Relearn Moves. Eggs remember the moves they hatched with, and any inherited egg moves would be in that set. Working as intended.
  3. Delete the last 0x30 bytes with a hex editor so that the save file is an even 0x8000 bytes long. Also try loading them in an emulator to see if the data correctly loads there.
  4. Try trimming off the 0x30 byte footer.
  5. Your physical cartridge that you dumped the game from; the physical metal pins that act as the interface to the card reader. Likely dirty/corroded, causing bad data to be dumped.
  6. The encounter database currently does not work well with GB Japanese saves. The template->PKM logic creates data based on the save file language, but GB save files don't store the language. The template logic creates an international PKM because that's the current default, and international data cannot enter Japanese saves. I'll revise the logic so that the next update will handle this better, but for now, try filtering the Version to only show encounters for Blue (JP).
  7. No it can't. VC Transfers are from Gen1/2 directly to Gen7; they can never visit Gen3/4/5/6.
  8. Which ribbon is disallowed? Alolan Raichu cannot visit BD/SP, so it cannot pick up those contest ribbons.
  9. Cheat codes just change the behavior of the game. If the resulting behavior does things that aren't just "skipping until shiny" then you're going to end up with impossible outputs. Not all games have PID/IV correlations; Gen5 has one for wild pokemon where PID bits need to align with the trainer ID, even if not shiny.
  10. Tutorials age as programs change, but the options to export your save file are still there. Maybe in a different spot for exporting backup. Be sure to import your save data correctly; after you put it on your SD card, you still have to import it with homebrew the same way you exported it.
  11. Unable to replicate either on latest commit, so I assume this has been fixed since last release.
  12. Copying blocks between save files for different games won't work perfectly, as the games store their save data in a slightly different arrangement.
  13. Working as intended. A transfer logic error was fixed last August. It's never really advisable to downgrade the program to a much older release.
  14. Works fine on the latest commits; another cumulative release should be in the next few days.
  15. Not an issue with PKHeX; the program needs to be able to read your save file data. If you are having issues trying to open it from one storage location, you need to try copying it somewhere accessible. Seeing an operating system error (0x80070570) outside of PKHeX should indicate that it's unrelated to PKHeX.
  16. You're loading it to a GameBoy/Emulator save file, which is not a 3DS virtual console save file. Celebi is only obtainable on the virtual console.
  17. It was included as a setting. Settings->Display->DisableScalingDpi Change the setting, close and re-open the program.
  18. There's nothing to fix. HOME sets both values to the inbound Pokemon's first type -- unless it's Normal type. In that situation, it instead sets the second type instead of the first (as shown above).
  19. This is how HOME behaves when there is no original SV data for it to fetch the tera data for. I can add some "rejuvenation" for the conversion logic to detect what the legal values would have originally been. edit: added https://github.com/kwsch/PKHeX/commit/b212ef42b508e86ea988771d159fbb619b88d6ac
  20. Bad dump. Clean your cartridge contacts.
  21. PKHeX validates save files to prevent corrupt data from crashing the executable. Your save file lacks a proper checksum footer (last 0x200 bytes of a save file). You can try transplanting the last 0x200 bytes from another save file (new, or someone else's) and it'll load in PKHeX, and probably will work on your console after exported from PKHeX. (I overrode the footer validation, save loads:)
  22. Change your emulator settings so that it doesn't compress your save files. The files you uploaded are way too small. This isn't a PKHeX issue; other save editors like PokeGen also won't recognize the file.
  23. HOME can share moves from other game movesets
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