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  1. Thank you, it worked flawlessly and I had no issues so far. Dumping it again is out of question, especially because as I stated before, I factory resetted my 3ds and backed up all my games on JKSV. Most of backups transferred just fine, these two Pokémon games were the only exceptions. Even Pokémon X worked fine. I'll double check these backups next time, and already made the changes on FileZilla so hopefully these issues will never happen again. Thanks for the help, everyone.
  2. Hey guys, it's me again. Just wanted to thank you guys again and say that the first save worked flawlessly. But one thing I haven't noticed until today is that my Alpha Sapphire save also was corrupted in the batch backup and I didn't notice it at first because I barely play it in these days. Is there any way to restore it as well? Also, thanks in advance. main
  3. Thank you, I'll be looking into this. It's good to have my save game back again, though. What feels weird is that I had backed up all my titles on JKSV and Pokémon Moon was the only title with a corrupted save.
  4. Yep, FileZilla. I've been using it for ages and never had a problem with this before, though.
  5. I tested it directly in game, without even going to PKHeX first. It loaded flawlessly, apparently I have all my save back! And thankfully, the box 2 is a box reserved for breedjects, so I guess nothing valuable was lost. Anyway, thanks again!
  6. Oh man, I can't thank you enough. I didn't test it yet, but I'll report results as soon as I do. Is it safe to go online with that save? Do you think I'd be better off starting from scratch and dragging/dropping all my mons to a new save? I already got a new SD, all that save corruption most likely happened when I switched cards. Anyway, thanks again!
  7. How hard would this be? Sorry, but I have 0 knowledge on this.
  8. Oh man... I don't have any previous save to revert, unfortunately. I also noticed there's quite a few missing Pokémon in this save, so I guess the only thing I can do is start from scratch. I might as well just give up playing it, at least for a while. Anyway, thanks for the help.
  9. I have used the save manager to create a save file on the SD card, but when I try to move the save file in to Pkhex, this error appears. I'm on latest version and this happened when I did a backup of all my saves and this one for some reason is the only one that's refusing to load. Did I generated a corrupted save and lost all my progress? This is the message that appears when I try to load it on PKHeX. "Attempted to load an unsupported file type/size. File loaded: D:\JKSV\Saves\Pokemon_Moon\moon\main File Size: 441855 bytes (0x6BDFF) Any tips? I apologize if this isn't the right place for this. The save is attached below, and is (obviously) from Pokémon Moon. I'd really love some help, there's quite a few hours spent in this save. main
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