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  1. Leveling can be done many ways, such as the old, amateur way of just fighting until you are level 100. The best way is certainly to EV train. Different pokemon give out different EVs (effort values) according to their stats. Based on how your pokemon may lack or succeed, train them for certain stats.
  2. Your spriting is very impressive! Could I have a Kyogre, recolored to look primal? thanks!
  3. Could I please have one? Thanks so very much!
  4. It appears your computer has messed up a few sprites, so I cannot except the one i requested. Sorry!
  5. This statement is 100% true.
  6. I'm extremely sorry! I must've read it wrong. I'll get on it! Sorry again! what?
  7. Sorry that I couldn't get on them right away. I will edit this post with the first three splices. Scizor Ho-oh splice for Bananaman14: Togepi Togetic splice for Toffeuy: I will get your correct splice up as soon as possible. Riolu Mijumaru and Tsutarja:
  8. Al Bashir, the President of Sudan has done many things to his own country. He killed his own people, sent his militian to kill, destroy villages, and orpah children. This was all done for his selfish purposes, to get oil and control. THose who know more about this, do you think he's truly evil or is there a bit of good left in him?
  9. I do splices for people. I will not give you the splice if you do not fill out this format: Main pokemon: Pokemon 2: Pokemon 3(optional): Additional Details(optional): I will ignore any orders out of this format. It may take a couple hours to two days for your order to be ready. I do them in order. Thanks.
  10. I used to splice and recolor tons, but not anymore... I do some fakemon on occasion. and Like em?
  11. what exactly does this do? Just make a team that you can just look at? or does it make a team you can use?
  12. Heres one: W8T6T JPH0+KW 250X6 FT2-= H%&P@WX +NK+R It pays off!
  13. i JUST restarted my darkness version, and i had a tough time on Mt. Bristle. you should be level 8 when you complete mt. bristle. In halls, take turns with your partner in fighting. Use growl when your partner is fighting in a hallway. In rooms, stand side by side with your partner. Does squirtle start with withdraw? If he does, use that often. If not, use growl every so often, its actually pretty useful.
  14. Lots of people think of there own pokemon, but they can never be realized. Share pokemon youve created here! I would appreciate it if you used this format. Name: Evolves too (list level): Evolves from (if doesnt evolve type basic) Ability: Type: Species: (this is definately NOT required) Moveset: Base stats: Color: Secondary colors (add as necassary): Type of animal or object/ appearance (what is it?): Size: (optional) weight: Sorry if this is a bit of a large form, but we want the full image in our heads. I have an example: Demech Evolves too Hevech (level 32) Basic Ability: Running machine (raises attack when HP is above half) Steel type Species: The living machine pokemon Basestats: 25 HP 45 atk 32 def 15 Satk 50 Sdef 15 spd Color: Grey Secondary color: dark grey (belly) Appearance: A small humanoid machine Size: 1'3'' Thats my example, if you want the rest of Demech's line, just tell me. Enjoy sharing your pokemon, and if you feel the format is too long, you may shorten it to your desire. Thank you.
  15. Cheating only bothers me if they use it to beat the game easily, or to beat out others. Whats the fun of a game if it has no challenge. ONce ive beaten a game, i wont care if i use an action replay.
  16. A fire and steel type pokemon would be pretty cool!
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