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  1. Leveling can be done many ways, such as the old, amateur way of just fighting until you are level 100. The best way is certainly to EV train. Different pokemon give out different EVs (effort values) according to their stats. Based on how your pokemon may lack or succeed, train them for certain stats.
  2. Your spriting is very impressive! Could I have a Kyogre, recolored to look primal? thanks!
  3. Could I please have one? Thanks so very much!
  4. It appears your computer has messed up a few sprites, so I cannot except the one i requested. Sorry!
  5. This statement is 100% true.
  6. I use IE and FF, although FF is betta
  7. I'm extremely sorry! I must've read it wrong. I'll get on it! Sorry again! what?
  8. Sorry that I couldn't get on them right away. I will edit this post with the first three splices. Scizor Ho-oh splice for Bananaman14: Togepi Togetic splice for Toffeuy: I will get your correct splice up as soon as possible. Riolu Mijumaru and Tsutarja:
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