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  1. So I need an AR code for one of any of the event dogs. Like the shiny suicune, entei, raikou. And I kind of need to be able to trigger the Zoruark event. Thanks? Is this Illegal/against rules?
  2. Press L+R to activate. Make sure you have one worthless pokemon in you're party to be safe.
  3. Here you go. [Crown] Raikou.pkm [Goon] Scizor.pkm CelebiMovie.pkm [Crown] Entei.pkm [Crown] Suicune.pkm SS Groudon.pkm
  4. Good Avatars, They both rank 6.5/10 (to me). It lacks Symbols and details. Why is everything in quotes?
  5. As You may have seen, I have an Avatar I made myself Close to what I requested. I have noticed that most Avatar Creation Threads are Dead.
  6. I've been making a lot of random splices.
  7. PM me the AR codes. i can make the pokemon for you then get them to you via GTS.
  8. Do have any legitimately caught shinies? If so, you can find out your secret ID with this video: If you don't (most likely) I can do your trade. PM me any details about the trade, if you can't do the above option.
  9. Can i have an Avatar of Zorua on a gradient grey background with a black aura surrounding Zorua? Can the black aura look like food coloring being dropped in water?
  10. Can I have a Zorua with a gradient grey background? And in addition can you make an black aura surrounding Zorua? I wish for the aura to look like food coloring as it spreads through water.
  11. This took a while. I had an issue with the recoloring, but its fine. Hope you like it.
  12. FONT: Impact in White TEXT:11204 Upper Right BACKGROUND: A Gradient grey, with a black colored aura around Zorua. PKMN: Zorua(Black&White) Lower Left (The Zorua is here)[/url
  13. I'm back and ready to make splices.
  14. Man I love splicing Legendaries! This one didn't turn out that perfect but... I hope you like it.
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