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  1. This has something to do with pokemon encryption constant. Is there a way that I can disable this new feature? I prefer the legality check without the realtime RNG correlation checks. Edit: Also, how can I disable the update popup hyperlink on the top right corner of PKHex when using past versions.
  2. I just figured that out after some testing.
  3. Game: Pokemon Sword/Shield The new PKHex update (ver2023.08.23) broke every pokemon that was catched in the Raid, refer to attached pictures. Any pokemon catched from a raid report illegal once evolved, event or not. Please Fix. (Photo 3 and 4 are event milcery catched in game, before evolving all are legal, but ilegal once evolved.) Edit: I was wrong, I also have boxes of event milcery catched weeks ago in-game reported ilegal as well... (Photo 5)
  4. Sorry, in the end, I realized that was caused by me messing up something. Sorry for wasting your time. Details: My SV and SWSH OT both use the same TID and SID. When I transfer it to Gen8, it writes memory to OT, hence the legality report. (It got fixed after I switch OT memory to HT memory)
  5. That is sad... Thank you for your time! Hope you have a nice day!
  6. I think I understand this, correct me if I'm wrong. According to bulbapedia, certain pokemons can have some transfered moves be retained after transfering from previous generations. (creating the transfer-only moves) However, SV removed these transfer-only moves thus it's illegal to have them.
  7. Thank you! This is very informative! However, if I wish to reapply moves that are no longer available in current gen, pkhex would give the red check. The pokemon is caught in Sword, therefore, it can learn the move, after transfering to Gen9 however, if I tried to reapply the move, it would give me the red check.
  8. You mean PKHex does not retain moves during transfer? If Home does that why not PKHex?
  9. I guess PKHex really can't be used to transfer pokemon... This is what I get when transfer a pokemon from Gen9 to Gen8, have it evolved, then transfer it back to Gen9. I know how to make this legal again, but it's such a bummer PKHex can't properly transfer pokemon between Gens.
  10. I noticed that the PKHex will automatically replace some legal moves I have on one pokemon when transfering between generations (ex. Gen8 to Gen9), which I don't want it to do, how can I disable that?
  11. So it's normal if I transfer through Home and the PKHex is giving the red checkmark? Asking in advance.
  12. No I didn't, I only dragged a pokemon from Gen9 save and put it into Gen8 save. Since I could drag a pokemon from Gen8 save and put it into Gen9 save fine, I assumed it would be fine the other way around as well. Considering the advertisements of Home stating the two-way transfer capability for SWSH.
  13. Is it ok to transfer pokemon caught in SV to SWSH? (Gen9 to Gen8) I'm asking this because everything I tried to transfer seems to be illegal right now... Transfering pokemon from SWSH to SV (past Gens to Gen9) seems to be fine. Thanks in advance!
  14. oh... I never realized there was a list...
  15. How can I batch edit the stat nature? I searched thorugh the guide found only nature, thanks in advance.
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