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  1. Thanx, just what i needed! I didn't really need Lance's Dragonite, I just thought it would be kind of funny if I had it. Ah whatever, that's all that mattered, really. Any mod/admin who sees this, lock the thread. Help received. EDIT: They need to be party PKM files (Ho-Oh is fine)! Storage PKM don't work with SendPKM! Sorry if I bothered you with my extremely large text, but...I need them badly!
  2. ...you face the truck, use Strength and push it into the water...
  3. [HGSSSPRITE]369[/HGSSSPRITE] Yeah...ehe...not really. TRULY... (out of starters, not all 493) And out of LEGENDARY...
  4. Here's what I mean. If you could chose any object to base one of the upcoming Gen 5 Pokémon, what would it be? Mine's a mosquito. It has high Attack, terrible Defense/Sp. Def and okay Sp. Atk. Accuracy is pretty bad and evasiveness is in between bad and okay, or maybe a bit above that. Why so weak? Well, it would go near the beginning. And possibly trading it with an item (found in a later area) would make it evolve into some kind of wasp/bee thing that was an uber or something. So, what would YOU make? Hmmm, SECOND idea. (You can have as many ideas as you want) A new ball of happiness like Kirby (:creep:), possibly related to Jigglypuff.
  5. Okay... XD/Colosseum Ho-oh/Lugia (purified, traded to GBA, migrated to DS, ripped to PKM file) Bill and Bebe's Eevee Red Gyarados (for my sis) Lance's Dragonite (might need an AR for this one...ehe...) Just the PKM files. However I will trade a TRU Arceus for absolutely anything if you can supply me with all of these...:creep: NOTE: If you read my other post at the bottom, you will know they have to be Party PKM. Ho-oh is fine, it's been received.
  6. I originally chose Squirtle cuz I liked Water-types, but now I always pick Bulbasaur. I don't pick it for strength, I pick it because it's cute. And because I like Grass-types.
  7. Yeah, I'm mostly hacking FireRed ROMS. I needed that as you get Surf exactly right before you fight your first wild Pokémon (which is actually while you are surfing...). This isn't on topic of my thread here, but I need help with hidesprite in XSE. In FR I used the Brendan sprite as I am expanding it so Brendan and May are visiting from Hoenn (and they are your cousins) and I have Brendan blocking off Route 1 directly above where Oak stops you and blocked off the right side of the 2-tile-wide passageway into Route 1 with bushes. After you talk to him, he runs off into Route 1 saying he's going to Viridian and disappears once he's off of the screen, but the moment you take another step... POOF! He's standing there again. I tried setting flags that weren't already used in the game and everything, but I couldn't get him to stay hidden. Can you fix this?
  8. I find this much more reliable than Pokesav except for ONE THING: No Party pkm support. I'm doing the sendpkm thing with using my PC as the DNS server and all, and since this program doesn't do party Pokémon I can't use this with it. This is less buggy than (all versions of) Pokesav and has more features. -- POKESAV PROBLEMS AND BUGS -- Pokesav doesn't even let you nickname the pkm and if you try it just ends up with so many ?s it stretches off the screen. The OT won't say anything BUT ?s as it doesn't let you enter anything. Why, COM? WHY?! Some names of Pokémon are missing up to half of the name. It doesn't have HG/SS locations. It can't convert box pkm to party pkm -- END -- I think that's all of the serious issues, if I can get COM's email I will use Google Translate and tell him about these. Anybody know his email? And still, please put party pkm support into this program. That way I wouldn't even need to use Pokesav at all.
  9. I'm sorry, but you totally screwed up the starter selection... It locks you in after picking Pikachu. Try something else that doesn't involve only one choose-able starter, please. I wanted to help, but it's obviously too difficult for our level of scripting.
  10. I'm working on a FR hack (Chaos in Kanto) where Kanto has [mostly] been destroyed by several natural disasters. A new device has been invented called the TELE-BALL (teleportation device disguised as a POKé BALL) that several important NPCs use throughout the game. What I need is for somebody to make walking/running OW sprites AND battle front/backsprites for a new character. This character will be similar to Barry from D/P/Pt as he is hyper and always ends up wherever you are. He will look maybe a little bit similar, let's say he's Barry's brother or something. He still has blond hair, but it's in a different fashion (and obviously the entire sprite is in GBA palettes and sizes and everything) and wearing different clothes. He's a bit older than Barry, who, at this time, hadn't started his journey. Barry will not make an appearance in the game, just several text references. Anyway, his older brother was visiting Kanto and got stuck in the disasters and takes [mostly] the same routes as you, but instead of trying to save Kanto, he just wants to go back home and makes a whole bunch of wrong turns and ends up playing a big role in saving Kanto. So anyway, I just need OW sprites and battle sprites. He could be wearing any clothes, just nothing that doesn't fit the game or his character. thanks, PM me if you can help (or reply to my post.) Thanks again!
  11. Can somebody give me a list with all the TM/HM numbers, and then the NAME of the move? I'm using diegoisawesome's XSE tut over on Pokecommunity and he didn't label them, which I badly need. I really only need to know which HM is Surf, but the whole list would be greatly appreciated.
  12. WinCamXP

    DS Stylus

    I chewed up 2 and lost 1 at the nearby park...omg how funny!
  13. Does anybody have a text file (or something similar) of diegoisawesome's XSE tutorial? Because Pokecommunity is down very often (sadly) and I need that tutorial ALL THE TIME as it has all the used flags and the item values and everything.
  14. I gots a support banner! Maybe a little hard to see for the unhealthy eye, but I find it pretty good. Made it myself in Paint.net in the past 10-20 minutes!
  15. <p><p><p><p><p>Hi. So, any news on me helping ya with hax? I'm getting REALLY good with XSE (for a beginner at least).</p></p></p></p></p>

  16. Got that from a sticky. Legitimacy is a Pokémon (that might or might not be) made with an external device that is entirely normal and possible in the game without the device, but legality is always one generated within the game. So, see why it's doing that?
  17. Other than buying D/P/Pt and telling people you traded from that, IDK. Well, you could say it came from the GTS, I guess... (lol rhymes)
  18. Ah, I'm making my own FR hack (FlamingFireRed). I'm just learning XSE, do ya think I can do the people who trade you for the starters? It could be something like "Bring me a [rare item] and I'll give you a [starter] egg." Would that be okay? We could also drop somebody who gives you that particular item in a later area of the game. Could I do that? Oh, I'll also make a non-ROM logo in Paint.net! So, agreed? EDIT: Added logo.
  19. NEW! Pokémon FlamingFireRed! See the new spoiler for FFR! SeaSapphire FlamingFireRed I'm using XSE for my scripts, I'll be posting screenshots whenever I make an edit that makes the final version (if I ever get that far). Logos made in Paint.net http://getpaint.net/
  20. Well, I'm pretty good at map-hacking a GBA Pokémon game (3rd gen obviously, no spin-offs) if the required graphics are already there. You can give me a patch to whatever GBA Rom (R/S/FR/LG/E) and give me a list of what needs to be edited, I can play with the connections and move objects/movement permissions and warps and stuff. I know how to get the overlapping thing done (like change the top of a tree from overlapping grass to overlapping a building/rock wall/etc.) and if I know what has to be done, I can do it. I'm also pretty sweet at text hacking a GBA game with Advance Text, and I can always add a new text offset for another person if needed. However I do not have a (working) script program in English that I can use. I also stink at graphics hacking, although I do have unLZ-GBA. Thanks, PM me if you need my assistance. EDIT: I found XSE about a week ago and learned a zillion things from diegoisawesome's tutorial for it. (it's on PokeCommunity) I can script loads of stuff, just PM me asking if I can do (insert request here) and I'll reply saying either Can't, Working, Will Do It Later, or Already Done.
  21. I don't expect a yes, but is it possible for an emulator to emulate the DS's Wi-Fi support and allow you to choose from YOUR network connections and such that would be picked up by the ROM? So what I mean is, in your settings, there is a part that allows you to select the networks you are currently picking up and forward the ROM's Wi-Fi support to the networks you checked off, and thus allowing you to play the ROM on Wi-Fi. IS THIS POSSIBLE WITH ANY EMULATOR YET?
  22. So we all know it has to include new Pokémon (which it already does), a new region, most likely a new system and almost certainly R/S/E remakes (YAAAY!!!). So, let's make some pre-preview/trailer/whatever info we would need for confirmed info speculation. I think that this team's villainous team (or maybe two, idk) have gotten their hands on an illegal machine and are using it to mutate Pokémon, thus scrambling DNA and creating monstrosities (not available to player, no Pokédex data or wild ones unless key to the story) that they use to wreak havoc across the new region (codename: R5) and destroy a town in the process. You (and several other key characters) form an army of Pokémon trainers and use superior technology to track down the enemy team('s/s') base(s) and fight off the mutations and destroy the machine(s) and bring peace to the land. In the middle of the infiltration, however, somebody gets a call on their nameless device (for now, codename: D4) saying the (now escaped) team(s) were/was now attempting to mutate a legendary Pokémon, opening a void or portal (maybe like the Distortion World in some way) that the villainous team(s) escape into, with your army following close behind. OKAY, now YOU continue the story (but put it in a spoiler ( ) so we can see the ultimate storyline that most likely won't even happen.
  23. Wait...no! A WiiWare remake of Red/Blue that can communicate with any Gen 4 game (but only if transferring a gen 1 Pokémon) and has graphics good enough for the Wii. Here's what I mean, it's almost exactly the same as R/B except has 3D graphics and possibly a non-Bird's-Eye view engine. It [might] have Wi-Fi support for trading and DS communication for transferring Gen 1 Pokémon. It has all the MOVES of Gen 1-4, but not all of the Pokémon. When transferred from a DS game, it could be a migrate-type move and possibly a system to modify the HM data to match the WiiWare's HM list (might be exploited, we'll have to see if they do it if they even make the game in the first place) or just use the regular Migrate standards. It's like a twisted-around Time Machine/Pal Park hybrid, I guess... So you play the game as normal, but with the new graphics and functionality. Wouldn't that be shweet?
  24. Actually, that's DPBox. I did that too, but at Amity Square. I had a clone that only showed up in battles and sent out DPBox. It was pretty stupid and always had the shiny sparkle.
  25. Pokemon: CYNDAQUIL!!! Held Item: Uhh...I'll take a (None)! Level: 1 Ability: Blaze... Nickname (If wanted): (None) Original Trainer (Trainer Name/OT): Cameron Trainer Gender (If specific): Male Trainer ID (If specific): 50746 Secret ID (If specific): 50746 Pokemon Gender (If specific): Male Shiny (Yes or No): Well DUH!!! Yes. Egg (Yes or No): ...yesh...100 setpz left! Nature: Timid Attacks: Tackle, Leer, Flamethrower PP (max or normal): Normal Pokérus Status: No Status Pokéball Captured In: Poké Ball Battle Stats: NORMAL IV Stats: NORMAL EV Stats: NORMAL Ribbons (If any): NONE Location/Date Met: (egg) Route 34 Level Met At: It's an egg, nothing! Location/Date Hatched (If an Egg): Not hatched yet, nothing. Happiness: Zero Contest Stats: Zero Party slot 1-6 or Storage box 1-18, slot 1-30 (required for AR code): I don't want an AR code. For what game: HG Friend Code (required for Trading): HeartGold FC - 3137 9106 7438 (Yes, I want it traded to me. Make it look entirely legit, please.)
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