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  1. You're not getting a hacked Pokemon in your game any other way.
  2. Time to learn how to PKHeX. No idea how far you are, if your 3DS has CFW, if you can extract your save file, etc etc. Get CFW Dump save file Open with PKHeX (PKHaX) Make changes and save Inject back into 3DS
  3. You'll need to create and inject this locally, it won't be tradable. Put this pkhax.bat in the same folder as your PKHeX .exe and run it, which should bring you to illegal mode. You can set the ability to Wonder Guard then.
  4. Definitely not tradable. You'll have to hack this in your game locally.
  5. No idea what you did, but the Kangaskhan you have now does not follow jasenyoface's setup. As mentioned, your Origin Game is Sun. jasenyoface's was Red.
  6. Origin Game is Sun. Seismic Toss Kangaskhan is only available via Move Tutor from Gen 3 or via Gen 1 TM.
  7. Perhaps this is a question for when a Pokemon game actually comes to the Switch?
  8. IIRC, modify pk*, as in change the current OT (if different) and a few other changes here and there to emulate a trade to your current SAV (if not originating from it).
  9. Whoops, my bad. Could you try deleting all the PKHeX files you have and only using the single .exe file from here: https://roc.ms/pkhexedge
  10. Made a thingy and updated the first post, bleeding edge builds can now be instantly downloaded from https://roc.ms/pkhexedge.
  11. Press Win+R for the Run dialog, then type in "%LocalAppData%. In the folder that pops up, delete the entire "ProjectPokémon" folder. Then try again.
  12. Looks like PKHeX is automatically marking is as valid when it's from an Egg. @Kaphotics
  13. The Pokemon file. .pk7. Drag the Rayquaza from the box or from the top to your desktop or something, then upload that file here.
  14. Moved this thread to Save Requests. Additionally, @FirstCapitalConnectGuy
  15. Hi, if you're using OS X, perhaps you could try using this instead:
  16. You need access to Homebrew Channel at minimum, and you might as well fully run b9s if you do. See https://3ds.guide/get-started-(old-3ds) for your options.
  17. Put in a pull request for that, thanks. https://github.com/kwsch/PKHeX/pull/1591/commits/0b95f7d4b8ae1ad7f1ae145fa799e5a8ee0bbc7f
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