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  1. No no no, US is what I need, thank you very much I opened it in PkHEX to check it and was thinking of changing the SID And TID to be safe, I was going on random.org when I saw the notification for the reply.
  2. Just realized, in "US Main Story Completed", "US" stands for Ultra Sun.
  3. Thank you very much. Of course that is what I wanted to do but couldn't find uploaded saves, I searched now here on projectpokemon and I found a lot, but all of them are "game completed 9000000 competitive Pokemon, 500000 shinies and or etc. ", except this one. So this is the exact save I was looking for, but it is US, do saves from other regions work ?And do saves from UM work on US and vice-versa? Again, thank you very much.
  4. Hello, I only had Moon and I wanted to play online, but there were a ton of missing features in SM and the time it took to find a battle online was super long, so I bough Ultra Sun, but I just want to play online and to be able to use all the facilities, so is there a way to use PkHEX to skip the main story, make the savefile have the main story completed ? :D Thank you very much.
  5. Thank you, obviously I thought that might be the case, so I selected the upmost one, but I didn't realize that I could scroll by using the mousewheel. hehe Thank you very much
  6. I made a Crobat and it's illegal because of " Invalid: OT Memory: Should be index 0." "Invalid: OT Memory: Intensity should be index 0." "Invalid: OT Memory: Feeling should be index 0." and after trying my luck with modifying the memories a fourth one appeared, "Invalid: OT Memory: TextVar should be index 0." EDIT: Sorry, even though I kept cutting it out, it kept posting the image twice like this. 169 - Crobat - 87B200000000.pk7 EDIT 2: Here is the Pokemon file
  7. First, I got it, I will edit my post in case I want to add something, sorry. And, I did that setting as well but was not working, because after changing the settings and pressing SAVE, I was using "view" on the Pokemon already in the box instead of dragging the one with the new settings. Thank you
  8. Thank you, did it like this, it is a little differently named file, but it is the only Breloom, 286 - Breloom - E3FE00000000.pk7
  9. Thank you for helping , 286 - Breloom - E40100000000.pk7 Is it this one ?
  10. Will google how to do that and will upload it asap.
  11. Thats what I have been doing for some time now, the one you showed me does not work for me, should I keep trying ?
  12. I have the same problem, and all the other threads did not seem to help, the error is "Invalid OT Memory: Invalid Feeling" , when I try to make a Breloom, from Alpha Sapphire in my Moon savefile.
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