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  1. everyone is entitled to there opinion...even if mine is the correct one:cool: just like missingno. in red/blue .... and look what became of that
  2. Pointless...you think its pointless... And yet by strange coincidence you are not the one studying it are you... And as it turns out I think I might have found something I could use it for that suits it perfectly...
  3. i have captured a arceus hybrid using the museum pokemon code and viewed a bunch using insight from KazoWAR [kthx] and this glitch has potential.... Few things i have noticed.... ~you can't rename it ~you can't view its stats through the menu* ~its a semi-stabilized "missingno." [it has a physical appearance unlike other d/p/pt glitch pokemon] ~you cant use it in battle* ~cant use GTS with it in party/pc ~YOU CAN'T TOUCH IT UP IN POKESAV :mad: [it dissipates] --------------------------------------------------------------- *however i have figured out how i can... doing some tests with it... i think i have isolated the parts of its stats that freezes the game when you view it..... ~Its Moves...1 or 2 of them are nonexistent moves that lock the game up... so an action replay code is needed to change the attacks to real ones... hopefuly that will fix the pokemon and enable it for battle. ~its gender...at different screens it thinks its a guy...and a girl Can anyone get me a AR code that changes slot6 pokemon in party to have new attacks [any attacks will do...but nice ones would be suggested ] and a code that changes the gender of the pokemon... [one code that switches boy/girl, and a code that makes the pokemon genderless]
  4. i was afraid of that. then what about possibility #2 - make a AR code that works like the calc mod code....but puts that pokemon in the mining museum.... then a pokedex code isnt needed.... i am aware that its a glitch...thats why im looking at it...
  5. im just trying to see whet i can do with that...see if i can find something to use them for.... Lies:bidoof:.... unless there is proofs does it really matter?? i wouldnt have asked if i didnt have a purpose to do something with them :creep:
  6. I am testing hybrids on emulated and cartridge versions of diamond & platinum and the glitch does have some potential i will welcome anyone who will help in researching them....... [see later posts for updates]
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