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  1. Hey Guys, I looked through the thread and I didn`t see anyone doing Japanese translation so if its ok I wouldn`t mind trying. I am (obviously) not fluent in Japanese but I am living in Japan and studying Japanese at school. I guess it will be hard and probably take quite a long time...
  2. Thanks alot for this program, its exactly what I was going to write but haven`t had time
  3. Its Clever thats for sure... I had the same question when I tried to cheat the game. The cartrage cannot possibly have an internal clock, when running on an emulator or R4 ect, where would the clock be then? I think its a lot simpler than that, I think that the DS reports time changes to the game. The cartrage then slaps down the user for trying to cheat. In the case of honey trees, there is a timer value that counts down every minute, when in a certain range the tree appears active. When you save the game this value is saved, as well as the current time. When the game is loaded the game probably asks the DS if the time has changed since loading: if it hasn`t then it updates the minutes counter accordingly. if it has then it doesn`t update, or resets the timer ect... You can use this to your advantage, If you forget to check your honey trees and the pokemon is gone, change your date and the timer will be reset giving you another chance. btw... If you can make hex changes to the save file its easy to cheat the timer and also change the pokemon to the one you want. You can`t determine sex or stats ect though.
  4. I would like to battle with someone sometime... My name is Scott and my friend code is 5456 2403 6531... Please register me
  7. I have the following: AIPOM BALTOY CORSOLA CRAWDAUNT DELKATTY GOREBYSS GRUMPIG HARIYAMA MASQUERAIN I have more but ten attatchments per post an all... Note: some are in Japanese... hope thats not a problem AIPOM.pkm BALTOY.pkm CORSOLA.pkm CRAWDAUNT.pkm DELKATTY.pkm GOREBYSS.pkm GRUMPIG.pkm HARIYAMA.pkm LOUDRED.pkm MASQUERAIN.pkm
  8. I apologise if its already on the list but I would really like a search feature allowing you to search your storage for the best pokemon meeting input requirements. This would be useful for people who breed the same pokemon repeatedly trying to get good stats. Maybe being able to input a set of fitness requirements i.e Attack 100% important, Special Attack 0% important, hidden power: grass ect and have the program rate the values and give you the top 5. I know this is not a good place to post this, though I am a new member and have little time but I would be willing to assist with the coding. I have about 2 years experence as a software developer.
  9. I would start by reading the Hex guide thred
  10. I just downloaded a free hex editor from the internet and opened my .sav file as I would with pokesav. Remember to make the change that you want then open it with pokesav and save it again. Hope that helps...
  11. Wow... Your absolutely right, thats exactly what I am looking for, for the record I did look on the wiki but I found that the words I used were not specific enougth. Good luck with the projects, especally the box orginiser... I really want a box search program that can search by stats and am kinda tempted to write one, or I would be if I had more time. My golden week holiday finishes today. Anyway, thanks again for the help...
  12. Hey Guys, I figured this would be the best place to get help with this kind of thing. Basicly I tried to edit my save file manually by changing the hex values. That was the easy part but unfortunately the game checks the save with a hash check of some kind. When I load my edited save the hash was wrong and the game said the file is corrupt. I can get around this problem by opening the edited save in pokesav and saving without making any changes as pokesav calculates the hash correctly. I was thinking of writing a small program to set the state of the Honey trees and if you could enlighten me about the Hash check it would be much apriciated. Thanks
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