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first pokemon caught in d/p not counting starter


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Mm...I believe it was my Machop. He's a Machamp now...although I haven't a clue as to what level.

EDIT: I wanted to mention and forgot....at this point in the game, having pokemon ranging from lvls 35-51...being at the Elite Four now, right before you enter, when your rival stops you for a battle...I REALLY wish I would have EV trained my team from the start. I so suck.

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Sorry to sound pathetic but I'm not really good with text talk and I have no idea what ftw means. People say it a lot here so I want to know what it means. Yeah I know it is pathetic.:confused:

For The Win.

Yeah... doesn't make much more sense when you do know what it means either!

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Thanks! Few....Wait your right, it still doesn't make that much sense when people use it now that I think back to previous posts. Hmmmmmm....Maybe they dont know what it means?

Oh yeah the first one I caught was....bidoof! Yeah, I was excited then because this was my first pokemon game so I knew like zilch. So I dont think I have it anymore because well think about it. Its a bidoof! And I didn't know about HM slaves back then.

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some reason i think im having dejavu i remember posting bidoof and now its gone??


*gasp* That's Bidoof?! That's the monster that swept my whole entire team! :bidoof: :bidoof: :bidoof: This is bad... I'm being surrounded by these busy beavers! :bidoof: :bidoof: :bidoof:


In all seriousness, I still don't have a Bidoof...

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