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SM - Anime Alolan Pokemon


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3 Alolan Pokemon will be distributed via common password (serial code),
to commemorate the first broadcast of Pocket Monsters: Sun and Moon anime by Animax in Korea,
similar to how Alolan Vulpix was done earlier this month.

They were first discovered (by yours truly) when it was uploaded onto the server.

Based on their G7TID, I speculate these are the dates of their release:

This is further confirmed by their airing schedule.
[It confirms that Pocket Monsters: Sun and Moon first airing lands on 2nd of May, 2017.

[source: from Iceposs2000 's blog: http://blog.naver.com/iceposs2000/220990931660]

We'll continue to report on this, as the story develops.

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5 hours ago, Sabresite said:

As a note for anyone paying attention to the WCs uploaded, GF fixed Sandshrew so it has the same G7TID as the others!  This is a perfect reason for why we don't release WCs early.  They do change, sometimes often.

This also means I get one more wonder card to add to our beta section xD

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Oh? It looks like another non infrared Korean event I can actually get. I'm assuming you already have information on these things, though only Grimer has been the one given here. It's Level 10, has either ability Poison Touch or Gluttony, and has Bite, Harden, Poison Gas and Pound. I'm not sure what's so special about these, but like that Vulpix I guess they're just showing off Alolan form of Pokemon or something. I read those Kakao comments and there are people saying "wow these new Pokemon are getting weirder". I wonder where I can see Sandshrew and Diglett, but I assume they'll be mostly the same too, and no different from wild versions.

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1 minute ago, King Impoleon said:

I would like to upload them but i can't because i playing my Korean Game on a EU 3DS and they say "you can't recive this gift" :-(

Sounds like you're using CFW, is it Luma?

If it is, do know that Luma has Region Emulation, but I won't recommend it unless you don't use Game Sync!

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Sorry for potato quality pictures

EDIT: Okay I don't understand why BBTags act so weird in this new forums. I type BBTags manually so someone tell me why it's laddered like this.







Diglett Lv. 10




Metal Claw

From Nearby Place (idk what you call this in English)

Has Classic Ribbon






Grimer Lv 10



Poison Gas


From Nearby Place

Has Classic Ribbon


I think everything else is randomised, be it ability, gender, nature, etc... no the HA will not be available. My Diglett has Curly Hair and my Grimer has Poison Touch.

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That Twitter is weird. It's showing Korean events and written in Japanese. The image below does say next Tuesday, so I can confirm.

Also one of the comment is like "huh they caused trouble at the broadcasting station and the fact they won't even apologise for it is absurd". Typical Korea ha ha

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