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Pokemon Perfect Platinum


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Alright thanks! I'm glad to hear it! Now a note, as for the random high levels, I have heard reports of others having that same issue only when they are using Action Replay Codes. So it may be possible that your rare candies cheat is affecting it... (i.e.: someone ran into a level 47 evee right before Ravaged Path. I never put a 47 evee in the game! they turned off the codes and it never happened again...) I have played completely through challenger's edition, up to beating the elite four and even did the cressalia thing afterwards (I did cheat to get the nationaldex at that point, but it is a sav file used solely for testing purposes) I hadn't ran into any such thing with the exception of the legendaries, which are intentionally high.

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Darkrai, Rotom's Secret Key, and Shaiman, now all work perfectly! We are only having issues with Arceus at this point in time, but once it is solved we will release the next version!

And when I say they work perfectly, I mean, you trade the in-game pokemon for the ones required and each one you receive has one of the four nintendo event items, once you have the item (and in some cases the national dex and beating the elite four is also required) you can do the event just like you would if you received the item via mystery gift! We have other updates in store too but these were our main focuses...

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Yeah what he said ^^


Quick question: Is it worth me getting attached to my current saved file or will I want to wait for the next update?

Sorry never got the email about the new post...

As long as you have not done any of the 4 in game trades I see no reason to not use your current file... Our main focus with this release was the 4 nintendo events (although we did get a few surprises along the way!) but I gotta warn everyone, it does not seem like Action Replay Codes will work in the next release (I don't condone cheating anyway, you can earn everything in my hack, there really isn't a need to cheat...)

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Well, I did want to wait, just in case it changes between now and then but as it stands now, for reasons we do not fully understand, if you are playing my hack via an emulator such as no$gba you can go underground. It passes the wi-fi check! Meanwhile anyone else who plays Platinum via no$gba cannot go underground... And I had my partner Mushen check, and the regular wi-fi via a cart still worked! We are not entirely sure what the hell happened but we sure as hell aren't complaining about it! EDIT: it stopped working again... perhaps it was a fluke... If we figure out exactly why it happaned, it will be in a future release...

The only thing stopping this release now is this damn Arceus event (which has some minor changes that will be detailed upon release) once we work out our final bug (I thought i had it a few hours ago but Mushen reported a White Screen Of Death) the release will be out! EDIT: All of my emulated tests have passed, I will have Mushen run his tests in a few hours...

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I'm sorry for the delay guys, we are working hard but for some reason both SCV and Mushen get White Screens Of Death once they walk into Spear Pillar with the Azure Flute. When using No$GBA I don't have this problem, but the problem seems to be something with the carts. (possibly the DS isn't powerful enough to handle the script written?)

I can say that once this is solved Perfect Platinum will be completed, cuz I will have completed what I originally set out to do, and that was make a version of Pokemon Platinum where everything was obtainable without any need to trade or get special events! I have made the Regi's accessible, I have added the Stopwatch and Alarm Clock, and all 4 Nintendo Events do in fact work the way they are supposed to, you just don't need to do the Nintendo Mystery Gift (it's just Arceus that had to be modified a little)

Any versions made after the coming release would be more like Extended version of Perfect Platinum, rather than Perfect Platinum versions. Because of this, I am tempted to release the version as is, but I really do wanna fix the Arceus thing for those of you that cannot get to an emulator...

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I dont know the encounter rate..

But you cant search for them with your PokeTech if thats what you mean. They are wild... So, it's all by chance basing off of that - I'm sure the encounter rates will be higher since you cant really track em.

Roland can give you a better answer when he finds this. Heh.

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Sorry guys for delayed responses from me, my e-mail notifications for this entire forum are broken...

Allegedly the encounter rate for most of my legendaries is <1%, but that is questionable in some cases (and in others, proves to be extremely true!!)

As for knowing exactly where the pokemon are, several people have offered to put together a pseudo pokedex but no one has actually showed me any work... It is something I would like to see done, but it is not I task I would personally undertake...

---------- Post added at 01:40 AM ---------- Previous post was at 01:20 AM ----------

The newest version is out! Please see the first post!

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