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Pokemon Perfect Platinum


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For the Challenger's Edition, which Trainers have progressing difficulty?

Also, if I merely ported my original, fully-completed Platinum save (i.e. entire storyline finished, National Dex obtained, obtained all Battle Frontier prints) over, what am I missing from Perfect Platinum?

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First question - Every trainer has progressing difficulty. All 927 of em...

Second Question - You missed a lot of pokemon you could have caught along the way, and you are not gonna be as strong as you could have been, had you played Challenger's Edition from the beginning... You can still get the pokemon but you missed out on a lot of exhilarating battles! The events don't work yet so you don't have to worry about them... yet

I'd highly advise playing Challenger's Edition from the beginning, but that's your call...

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  • 1 month later...

It should be in the next release...

I've been committing a large portion of my free time to trying to debug the PPRE script editor so I can get my new scripts completed. Unfortunately, the way progress is going I will not have my final release ready by this Friday (my b-day) but I have no intentions of giving up on the project!

That being said, progress is continuing, just very slowly...

Also, I now have more insight into the script failure from 3 months ago... For some reason the scipt for the harbor inn door actually got moved to the sailor... I only partially know why, but for the time being it's of little significance...

To see what I'm talking about look here:


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Hopefully the nintendo events. (darkrai and such)

And possibly (although this is looking unlikely as the nintendo ones have been extremely time-consuming, just in research alone!) events for some of the other legendaries...

And the shiny giratina should also be included.

And I am considering discontinuing the regular one and only running Challenger's Edition...

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First off, amazing work, I've only been playing for about 30 minutes and it works like a dream, kudos to you for the immense amount of work you've done. Reading through the thread I see that you haven't been able to get the pokedex working quite yet, so in that vein I was curious as to where I could find the starters and the fossil pokemon.

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