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Tried it...

He doesn't give em to you unless the flags are checked for him to give them to you...

The reason it hasn't been done yet is that I cannot find the flags that need to be checked/unchecked

If I could find them I would simply set it up so that the trade pokemon each check/uncheck the flags that have their event items...

It is the only thing that has stopped the next release!

It has held me back since March and I was just waiting for the new script editor in hopes of it being of aide, but it is still too young...

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Flags are an issue with the regi's...

Flags have been a hassle for a number of things, as mentioned in previous posts...

The events are planned out but they probably won't progress until the script editor progresses... I can write them in Hex but there is issues with adding new scripts with the hex method used in PPRE 0.04b (which I had found out the hard way when I tried to rewrite the method for the activation of the darkrai event)

All these issues on top of the fact that in 31 days I have no idea where I will be living is a bit insurmountable at the moment...

It really is quite frustrating at the moment cuz I can literally write the entire script out but the support needs to catch up... And the flags have the nintendo events on hold... If I had someone else helping me I could have them researching the flags, but this has been a solo project from day one... (well except for the bits of help and tips from SCV)

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if you can't get it to patch your ROM it is most likely either not clean, or not US English, as for PPRE, I just found out last night that .06 was released and some have had issues using it within windows... I am not at home at the moment so I can't check it, but when I get home I will...

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fromk all ive read, the gracidea flower event is triggered when you talk to the girl in floaroma (I think thats right) with a shaymin that was met in a fateful encounter and the regis event is triggered when you go to the areas with a regigigas that was met in a fateful encounter, so you could set up in game trades with those pokemon and were met in a fateful encounter

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Hey mate,

I've been playing this hack for the whole of two days (bunged on the rare candies cheat as to get through quicker and take a little look-see at it all first.) Firstly let me just say I'm really impressed with what you've got so far I wouldn't be able to do it; hell I've tried and starting contemplating the end of the world after but 30 mins lol.

Any who I found a couple of bugs in as much as the wild encountered pokemon. Some of them are at wackingly high levels in comparison to the the pokemon within the same areas. I'm not complaining because defeating them makes for easier training . I digress... These pokemon would be the Machamp in mt coronet (I think!) he's at level 59. Scyther and vespiquen in eterna forest are at 23 and 24 respectively, those are the ones I can remember off of the top of my head but their are a few more too.

However I know this is just a Beta and therefore there's bound to be slight problems. Really good for what you have so far, and again fair play to you make, keep up the hard work.

Just as an after note; thought if you will. I've been on the whole hacking scene for a while now never done anything particularly great, thought about hacking fire red once but gave up lol; never done any scripting but I have done a lot of spriting for my own personal use along with mapping etc. In any case this little tid bit here is just me saying hello as this I feel is a worth while time for me to emerge from the shadows seeing as I've stumbled upon gold dust lol. Also if you could point me in the right direction to further my hacking skills I'd greatly appreciate it, I'm pretty much a newbie to it all even though I've been around for about a year; I just enjoy playing the games really.

Oh and congrats again on your hack thing its really cool :)

p.s I always come across as really pretentious when typing, so sorry for that lol

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