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  1. Oh don't worry bud I have a few new team mates with me, Spearow and Glameow is now apart of team
  2. So far i'm doing pretty good Chikorita is level 10 and just got my Poke'balls so now heading back toward Cherrygrove seeing what others I can ran into Glameow earlier but didn't have Poke'ball yet oh well anyway PPSCE Battle Series Ep 2: I am Birdman coming this weekend
  3. [video=youtube;plk7sEiTceQ] Here is a small video: Rival Battle 1 I will add more as i play on, I figure heck the Rival is a main person you battle so i shall include those battles Sorry the little banner isn't as good as PPlats oh well
  4. Oh nice more stuff by Roland something to add to my play collection and this time I will make sure I specify which I am playing I am PSCE on the patch is Perfect Soul Challengers Edition?
  5. ack now my adrenaline is starting to rush and I'm not even up to the point yet lol; thanks Roland
  6. Gym 3 should be up in the next few days, preparing for thanksgiving and stuff; I'll make sure to have my group more up to speed and stuff for it...I wasn't using my brain properly when I went to gym 2 hehe
  7. yes, and if you not gonna say anything nice please don't comment on my videos; thank you
  8. [video=youtube;GX0KUJXW6r0] Here is my 2nd gym leader battle vs Gardenia It was a long match; I almost thought I was gonna lose but I held on
  9. Hey bro, not sure which I got it was just a rar file, if I can manage to patch a regular Pkmn Plat i'll add those and yeah you can use my gym leader battles Not sure what version this, when I saw other videos at the same gym I didn't have to deal with a Larvitar as his lead; it was a rar file for me so if you could help me find out great (yeah I am a pure noob)
  10. Yes I know the rom is quite old, but I just started to play it recently since I got my computer updated and fixed; but here is my first gym battle of the rom; thought I show it off Bravo job, Roland and to you to you Fatty for the location list Thumbs up or leave a comment on my youtube if you want me to post the rest of the gym leader battles
  11. I don't care about that Oxnite I just like playing your hacks they're fun
  12. So far this hack is turning out very well for you, great job at putting a decent variety of Pokemon before you reach the first gym (which is where I am), leveling is tough; but you can definetly get a decent team before the gym battle; Dream yard nice surprise change there. I picked up Tepig as my starter accidentily and it was a girl, so I kept it 10/10 so far, the gym trainers we're bad at all that to add a nice bit of shock to me and my friend who was over visiting when I got there; but hopefully I can get past the gym see what else you have in store. Bugs: None atm
  13. Oh i just noticed this one, will look into soon as i play a little White Deluxe
  14. Thanks very much for adding the patch programing stuff in .6 beta now I can finally play and check it out
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