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  1. Well yeah, that's what's missing. Do make these sprites and someone will do this mod, as it's not too hard to do. Matter of fact, I might just do that.
  2. The items alone won't activate anything at all, you have to do some scripting to, i.e. disable various variable checks, etc.
  3. If you can't directly activate it, trick it out That's why I put that stone in the Arceus map in Platinum: Enhanced Edition. The Regi events were easy to figure out, but Arceus & Shaymin needed some, uhm, "tweaking", so to say.
  4. Are the wi-fi events activated as well or did you just move the legendaries to random encounters?
  5. SCV, Is there a list of which map number correlates to which map name (regarding HGSS)? If not, would it be possible for you to generate one? It's a pain in the butt if you're searching for one specific map and you have to go through 500+ to find it.... Also, as I asked one time before, a quick CTRL+F search function would greatly accelerate all text-searching&editing needs :smile: So if that'd be doable... Haven't been here for a long time, has been quite some progress, that's great to see. :smile:
  6. I would love to see the script for an enforced shiny encounter like in this case in PPRE ...
  7. There is no need to buy a NDS & Flashcart, no$GBA allows way faster and thus more useful testing, especially with the accelerate function. Possibly converting the ROM, loading up on SD, booting DS, starting the ROM, waiting in real game time for your ROM to get to the exact position where you want it at is completely unnecessary and only eats time. I think you're just trying to get some money out of some 14-year old's pockets.
  8. Sounds very promising, thanks for the info pichu2001 I might do a scripting tutorial for all the lazy people out there one day, just to see 4th gen scripting kick off. That is if i find the time and concentration.
  9. hey SCV, my life has been getting pretty busy, and i havent even had time yet to play HG/SS just once, so it's unlikely i'll will be doing much more rom editing (or research) anymore. Anyway, i'm curious, will it be easy to add HGSS support to PPRE? The equivalent to the scr_seq_release.narc file is in root\a\0\1\2 AFAIK, but you probably already know this (better).
  10. I'm happy to say I've found out what triggers the National Dex It's 022D 0x1 0x800c (along with ActPokedex obviously). Works perfect Was damn hard to catch though...
  11. Well then, could you hint at how your encounter script looks like to ensure it's a shiny? Because AFAIK the Wildbattle2 command doesn't have a variable for shiny/nonshiny !?
  12. I'm still waiting for that shiny Giratina encounter script :tongue:
  13. SCV, as you will most likely now there are certain maps/scripts which aren't yet read right. These appear with this script: and this text (jubilife city text): For example 209-215 are effected, which are certain areas in Mt. Coronet. Flower Paradise is also effected, which prevents me from activating the Shaymin event there... I have been wondering if there is any hope for these, or are these, at least for the near future, somehow un-readable?
  14. Found 032B checks if there's an event Regigigas in party, added it http://projectpokemon.org/wiki/DPP_Script_Commands (hopefully in a correct way). Could we add a new row in this list for the correct PPRE commands (i.e. Txtmsgscrpmulti , which would only get clear with a description on the wiki) and another for the PPRE map numbers, where examples can be found? The script list there seems to be "stand-alone", i.e. not matching up with the ppre map list.
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