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  1. First off, amazing work, I've only been playing for about 30 minutes and it works like a dream, kudos to you for the immense amount of work you've done. Reading through the thread I see that you haven't been able to get the pokedex working quite yet, so in that vein I was curious as to where I could find the starters and the fossil pokemon.
  2. I'm a bit tech-tarded myself and asking how to edit a save file directly sounds like its a bit too in depth for a post here so could you perhaps link me to a tutorial on how to do that? Thanks a million!
  3. Please forgive me if this question has already been answered but a search didn't pull up anything quite related. I'm using the No$gba emulator and I'm trying to use Pokesav to add a few of my favorite pokemon that are otherwise unobtainable. When I get the export code for the party members, I'm only adding 5, and enter it as an action replay code the game crashes suddenly. I've made sure that my trainer ID, stats, IVs, movesets, and abilities are all reasonable and legal so I dont think thats the issue. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Oh, and i figure this might be somewhat important as well, the only other codes i've activated on the file are 900 berries, TMs, items&medicine, and max money.
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