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Developing another BW trainer editor. What do you think?

Should I release my BW Trainer Editor to the public?  

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  1. 1. Should I release my BW Trainer Editor to the public?

    • Agree. Please share it.
    • Disagree. Just either destroy it or keep it for yourself!

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What does the Custom Moves toggle do? I'm editing Bianca in Nuvema Town (Final) and I am changing her Pokemon. Since she uses custom movesets, I was wondering what will happen to her Pokemon's moves if I turn off custom. Will changing her Starter into Mewtwo leave Mewtwo with the starter's moves, or will Mewtwo pick up his own moves? And in the case of the latter, is it random moves, or that last 4 moves he could learn up to his level?

actually not starter moves, but last level move from moveset data. if you mewtwo on lv 5, just up to lv <=5 only will randomly used.

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with the newest version, you hardly can't change the Pokémon from grunts, because (mostly) there are more then one grunts at the area, and the tool only loads the first, can you fix that???

I did not have this issue. The only related issue is being able to rapidly edit them in succession with a macro function, but that is something you have.

It's true that the list doesn't scroll down correctly and jumps back up to the first trainer with the same name in a block when you open the drop down, but you just have to pick the 3rd from the top, then the 4th, then the 5th, and so on through the whole group of same-names.

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I also have the problem where the editor thinks my ROM is broken after having successfully used the editor with it once. When I tried to load it the second time onward it just keeps giving me the error message about the ROM being broken which it isn't. Has there been any resolution to this issue yet? (the ROM is Drayano's Voltwhitefull.nds patched ROM but since this is a problem that has occured with many different people I would assume now that the specific ROM settings are not the problem)

EDIT: I think (and I'm just guessing here) that the problem is that once the .narc files are extracted, they have to be put back into the ROM before the editor can load it again (meaning that it thinks the ROM is "broken" because the .narcs have already been extracted leaving the editor with nothing more to extract) This is all assuming that you've already successfully used the editor on the ROM once and you're trying to use it on the same one again. Sooooo can someone tell me how to reinsert the .narc files back into the .nds files they were extracted from?

EDIT2: So I downloaded and used nitroexplorer2b to replace the .narcs manually and that still didnt work... it did stop the game from freezing (which btw it was) after trying to save with the trainer edits in place though. idk why but the program just keep telling me the ROM is broken (which, as I've said, it isn't) also the one Trainer i did manage to edit (Roughneck Chance on Route 9) has all the correct changes in place, but gives me a ? item after every battle (I'm using the "Rematch Trainers cheat) and then his post-battle text box is blank. I'd really appreciate any help anyone has to offer with these bugs.

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Yes, PPTXT is able to change the Trainer's name. It's narc entry a/0/0/2, file 190. However, a list with encrypted text will show up. Please take a look at this topic, question 6 for information on decryption.

Do you the location of the list of names for the mugshots (The gym leadesr, Rivals etc) names that show beside the mugshot in the game?

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