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  1. here, this site have editors for all generation! http://www.swamperttools.co.nr/
  2. Hello people, This is the new thread of the Pokémon Hard White & Hard Black topic. We're still looking for other hackers, if you want to join in post it! This is the progress so far: Screenshots: Bugs: Downloads: Pokémon Dark Black will be created after Pokémon Bright White is done! Stay Tuned for more!
  3. Hello there, I'm looking for a Pokémon Black and White Pokédex editor, do someone know where to find one?
  4. yes I changed that already, now the starters (Bagon, Gible and Axew) evolve at lv. 15 in it's second evolution and at level 30 in it's final evolution, and the Pokémon that evolve with trade or Happinnes (sometime takes very long) evolve with level up! look at this:
  5. with the newest version, you hardly can't change the Pokémon from grunts, because (mostly) there are more then one grunts at the area, and the tool only loads the first, can you fix that???
  6. Hello everybody, I'm making a new hack for Pokémon Black and White, it's going te be extremly hard. They're named Pokémon Hard Black and Hard White (if you have an idea for a better name please post it) Screenshots Progress: Bugs: Downloads: I'm still looking for other hackers who wants to join, if you want to join, please post it! Stay tuned for more!
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