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  1. Oh. THOSE are bloody artifacts. Those things which only sometimes are called artifacts. Who makes those websites... Okay, next question: what program do I use to extract XCI to a folder structure this program takes? XCI explorer?
  2. How the heck do I download this?! "Download the latest version here (click on latest run at the top, then click Artifacts - published, and download the folder) " Well guess what, I click on the top run and there is no "artifacts". Just link the thing.
  3. My dragapult has apparently commuted HEINOUS crime of remembering Double Team before Bite Swapping those two moves make it legal again bitedoubleteam.pk8
  4. Oh and the new Moltres is illegal too, apparently. 146-01 - Moltres - 0206ED299F37.pk8
  5. Two pokemon that used to be legal now aren't. 110 - Weezing - E886483C6C92.pk8 103-01 - Exeggutor - C6CF87F36AE2.pk8
  6. As of version 20/07/18 , this hasn't been fixed.
  7. The original forme Magearna, the one from Mystery Gift, is marked as hacked, suggesting the Mystery Gift data hasn't been added to the database. This is the same Magearna from the event that HAS been added. 801-01 - Magearna - 9C7C00000000.pk8
  8. PKHEX seems to completely disregard the favourite flag on items. I favourite quite a lot of useful items, and I've noticed the favourite Stars missing from time to time. And only today, I realised this might be related with the items edits I made to test Cram-O-Matic. I decided to test this; made a backup save with favourited items, then loaded into PKHEX 20200622, edited one of those item to have 666 copies, and once I saved, the favourite flags were gone. Just to see if general saving affects that, I loaded the save with favourites, changed one of my Pokemon's level to 69, saved it, and the favourites were untouched. main - with favourites main - without favourites
  9. Hi, as of the new version 2020-06-22, Slowbro is marked legal, but Staryu still has "Invalid: Unable to match an encounter from origin game) " error.
  10. I opened the new version to see how compatibility works for The isle of Armor, and noticed something odd: the Galarian Slowpoke one can catch in Wedgehurst station (freebie from 1.1.0) is marked as "Invalid: Unable to match an encounter from origin game) after I evolved it into Galarian Slowbro. If I turn it back into galarian Slowpoke, Pokehex doesn't mind. I also noticed the same error with a random Staryu 080-02 - Slowbro - 9BE98D408AF2.pk8 120 - Staryu - 964549EAFF0F.pk8
  11. Yeah, now they're back to normal. I mean, I shouldn't be surprised that the glitched pokemon was having some issues, but I was weirded out that those incorrect numbers weren't showing up in the game.
  12. Hm... plot thickens. cloned the copies I store in my VC Silver again, transferred them to gen 7. Celebi's PPS are still marked incorrectly, and so are Articuno's, but not Zapdos'. 144 ★ - Articuno - A4103D3BFB2D.pk7 251 ★ - Celebi - 6695A818ECEA.pk7 145 ★ - Zapdos - 018B4D16087D.pk7
  13. Then why is it the game showing it correctly? And again, why is this the only pokemon affected?
  14. As the title says, one of my Pokemon is marked as hacked apparently due to its moves being marked as "not expected as learnable". They are, quite obviously, all relearnable. No other Pokemon has this illness, and just to be extra safe I bred it now, and the offspring is marked correctly. Edit: some tweaking later, it seems that the problem is with Female Meowstic not having relearnable moves set up. Male works fine, but if I switch the gender, suddenly PkHex is angry. (Espurrs are fine) 678-01 - Kizia - 7BA954AABF96.pk7
  15. Just downloaded the newest pkhex to see if you've fixed the incorrect invalid Memories problem (you have, thanks!) but I've encountered a peculiar problem: one of my pokémon is marked as hacked due to the invalid PPs, being way higher than they should be. What is weird is that they show up completely okay in the game. It's not even the matter of wrongly used PP Max. Ancient power had PP of 60 now, as opposed to 8. Future sight has 61, which isn't a number I'd consider hacking in if I've done that. That shiny Celebi comes from gen 2, and full disclosure here, I have used the Coin Case glitch to spawn it and shinify, but a) it went through Pokebank, and b) other legends I have spawned using this glitch were not marked in any way. And again, the PPs show up correctly in the game... 251 ★ - Celebi - 09E94F41970E.pk7
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