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  1. I noticed that the attacks are listed one after the other. For Black and White, it goes TM01-92, but then HM01-06, then TM93-95 back to back starting at offset 0x0009AAB8. I've got this handy table for people to download, as I couldn't find a similar resource: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AnIIigcwlIaNdDBaTm9lX200eVFsdTVlbGpCcWUtWXc&usp=sharing It lists the current TMs with number and index number in reversed hex. It lists all moves with their reversed index number. This makes for very quick and dirty editing.
  2. Thanks, I got it figured out with another thread on here (which I actually posted in before, I just realized.) http://projectpokemon.org/forums/showthread.php?17674-Pok%E9mon-Black-and-White-Changing-TMs-and-HMs/page2 I noticed that the attacks are listed one after the other. For Black and White, it goes TM01-92, but then HM01-06, then TM93-95 back to back starting at offset 0x0009AAB8. I've got this handy table for people to download, as I couldn't find a similar resource: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AnIIigcwlIaNdDBaTm9lX200eVFsdTVlbGpCcWUtWXc&usp=sharing It lists the current TMs with number and index number in reversed hex. It lists all moves with their reversed index number. This makes for very quick and dirty editing.
  3. I'm curious if anyone has made any progress on this? It'd be a really cool thing to have. I'll even modify in hex if anyone has a clue as to where to go for that.
  4. How are you supposed to use the Moveset editor? When I click on "File" to select "Open Narc" it's grayed out. Then it talks about PPNFR, and I don't know what that is? Without trying to load a file, selecting any Pokemon from the list results in an unhandled exception error. So I'd imagine you're supposed to load the Narc in there somehow. I thankfully can use the old moveset editor (and since I wanted to modify White 1, that leaves me with no incompatibility.) from http://projectpokemon.org/forums/showthread.php?14825-TwistedFatal-Black-and-White-Toolbox&p=163871&viewfull=1#post163871 Twisted, your instructions in the new editor and readme downloads don't include instructions to get the mininarcs, but it seems they should from what I read. --- I enhanced the performance of the first editor for speed editing with an AutoHotKey script found here: http://pastebin.com/aMNX4rgE. I have yet to test the results on an actual ROM to make sure I'm not breaking anything, but it seems like it'll work. Struggled through plenty of errors from manual inputs before I figured out that you have to hit the down arrow key. So I solved that, and set it so that with this script running you can hit Enter instead of the Down arrow. Furthermore, moving from item to item is inconsistent in the program. I'd normally accomplish it with TAB, but that jumped me seemingly randomly. So I set it up so that you can enter the levels all in one or two goes, and moves, by clicking one box and hitting Enter to move to the next one. I also added a couple commands for clearing out the existing movesets. Pressing \ with your mouse over a level box will clear it and the adjacent move box. It can be pressed in quick succession, as your mouse moves to the row beneath. Pressing ] will do the same thing as \, but 11x in a row, so you can clear one column of level and attack quickly. Hope this might come in handy for some people. ---- I came up with a second script for automation after seeing the PPNFR tool. I modified the original 151 Pokemon's moves for my hack, and was not about to sit through patching 151 files. So I automated it. http://pastebin.com/nUMDQ9rT Press Ctrl+] to run the script while PPNFR is active. It is currently set up to take ~2 hours to run through all 667 files. A small amount of time compared to anyone who actually did customize all 667 files. You can modify the script to make it run through only a certain number of Pokemon and change where it will start running at. You can change the very last number if you want, it's in milliseconds. I set 10000 ms or 10 seconds because PPNFR freezes up for ~6 seconds, but sometimes up to 8 seconds for me, as I apply my changed movesets. If your computer runs faster, you can tone the time down, but if it's not enough, just increase it.
  5. What are your intentions? Did B/W mapping tools recently come out? Or do you intend to just throw Kanto/Jhoto Pokemon in place of Unova Pokemon?
  6. It's probably an IPS patch, so google LIPS. Otherwise, google. It's easy.
  7. I did not have this issue. The only related issue is being able to rapidly edit them in succession with a macro function, but that is something you have. It's true that the list doesn't scroll down correctly and jumps back up to the first trainer with the same name in a block when you open the drop down, but you just have to pick the 3rd from the top, then the 4th, then the 5th, and so on through the whole group of same-names.
  8. Protip for finding things... Export a full .txt file, open it in wordpad (or notepad++. Not notepad, that doesn't seem to scan the full text) and use ctrl+f for the phrases you want to change.
  9. Maybe their dialogue is too long or something. Look into shortening the message they should say to be something that's a single word and see what happens. I'm wondering if the game is attempting to render all of the words, and it goes off screen, so it gets buggy and you see a blank line...
  10. I'm not quite sure what you mean here. The way I would go about it is finding the hex for the TM in regards to items (http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/List_of_items_by_index_number_(Generation_V) and finding hex code next to it that relates to the sprite it uses, and changing that hex to the sprite you need. From what I have gathered from your post, the layout of the hex is something like one move after another move after another move, and the game manages to count how many moves there are to determine what TM it is actually referring to. However, the catch is that there are these random bytes that you mentioned that are inbetween moves. Someone should go about writing a program for this. I don't think a tool would be that complex. The value of the TM (in regards to moves) is already found. Finding the sprite that is displayed for it shouldn't be too hard either (if I didn't have exams I would focus on finding this). Next would be visually display the correct information, as you had mentioned that move descriptions given by the TMs were incorrect - again, something I don't think would be too hard (find the code that dictates which part of the script to read, and find the part of the code that displays thing such as damage and accuracy). I have never written a program before, and I don't intend to, but to me it sounds like something as simple as loading 2-3 narcs and going to town on editing. The user would input but one move value, and the program would change each narc as they should be: TM value, sprite, and description. Oxnite, don't you have a tool that edits moves? You should be able to do something like this fairly easily, and I'm sure it would be much appreciated! I know that a tool like this would be very very useful for me as I develop my white hack over the summer. I would help more in locating offsets within narcs that are subject to modification, but I have exams. Within a week I should be able to contribute more.
  11. Can you be more specific? Such as what other hex values were around the CF 00, which TM was changed (TM06 or TM42 or what?), what is the CF00 (the attack value in the TM?) and all of that interesting stuff. And by changing the TM's sprite, do you mean to make it align with the color of the type of attack it is?
  12. a002 and a003 hold storyline scripts such as NPC dialogue. This is also the most complete list I have found in regards to B/W NARC structure. http://gbatemp.net/topic/255124-pokemon-blackwhite-hacking-documentation/
  13. I remember reading something along the lines that there is a palette file that can be changed, like you have the actual mugshot sprite and a file that tells it what colors can be used, but this may have just been an idea that was tossed around while people tried to figure this out. I highly recommend reading the thread where you got this tool, it may hold some answers.
  14. Surely there are tools for this. Research narcs and nitro explorer, which are files and a tool used to extract and insert things into the game.
  15. I haven't toyed with it myself, but there may be a color palette limit to be worried about since you're saying it messes up in color. If you use colors that aren't part of the palette or use too many, that could easily explain why they don't turn out right.
  16. Not sure if this is of any use to you, but it's quite convenient and may help you understand the format of the code: If you use Zero's Wild Pokemon Editor, you can export a .txt file with all of the pokemon encounter slots, rates, and methods (grass/water/tall grass/shaking/dark(double)/fishing/whatever) in the game laid out in English.
  17. Alright, here is where I am at. Thanks to Drayano, I have customized one of the Darmanitan statues to look like a Truck in the desert resort which when given a RageCandyBar activates a battle with Mew. The trick is, I only customized one of them, not all 5. The other 4 remain as they were. Now, I believe I can change what item the Truck requires for battle, pretty sure I customized that while I was messing with hex values. So that's not too much of an issue. What is an issue is the script. I have gotten so far as to recognize that A6 in the string 2E00A600 seems coorelates with text block 166 in PPTXT in the a003 narc. I'm not sure how it decides to select which part of the dialogue it will use though. Here is the dialogue in 166: ================================ Professor Juniper: Hi there, \xf000Ā\x0001\x0000!\xf000븁\x0000 I heard about these Pokémon statues,\xfffeand I came to look into their origins!\xf000븁\x0000 I've learned that each of these Pokémon\xfffestatues is actually a real Pokémon!\xf000븁\x0000\xfffeIt's called Darmanitan. It's sleeping,\xfffeso it's become like a stone.\xf000븁\x0000 When I quickly measured how long\xfffethey've existed...\xf000븁\x0000\xfffeIt was amazing! Around 2,500 years!\xfffeSeems like they went to sleep that\xf000븀\x0000\xfffelong ago.\xf000븁\x0000\xfffeThat means they've been here since\xfffebefore this place was in ruins, when\xf000븀\x0000\xfffethe Relic Castle was flourishing.\xf000븁\x0000\xfffePerhaps they were guarding the city.\xf000븁\x0000 These Pokémon...\xf000븁\x0000\xfffeThey are either in a state of hibernation\xfffeor meditation, so if you wake them, they\xf000븀\x0000\xfffewill become active once again.\xf000븁\x0000\xfffeAnd the item that wakes up Darmanitan is\xfffeactually...this RageCandyBar!\xf000븁\x0000\xfffeThat's why I will share one with you,\xfffetoo, \xf000Ā\x0001\x0000!\xf000븁\x0000 Well, I'm headed back to the\xfffePokémon Research Lab.\xf000븀\x0000\xfffeBe seeing you!\xf000븁\x0000 It appears to be a statue of a Pokémon. Give the RageCandyBar to the\xfffePokémon statue? The ancient Pokémon statue responded to\xfffethe RageCandyBar.\xf000븁\x0000\xfffeThe Pokémon was a sleeping Darmanitan!\xf000븁\x0000\xfffeThe awakened Darmanitan attacked!\xf000븁\x0000 Cheren: Stop, \xf000Ā\x0001\x0000!\xf000븁\x0000 Cheren: That's the entrance to the\xfffeRelic Castle.\xf000븁\x0000\xfffeYou're impressive, \xf000Ā\x0001\x0000,\xfffemaking it here before I did.\xf000븁\x0000 Dealing with the Desert Resort's Pokémon\xfffetook longer than I would've thought.\xf000븁\x0000\xfffeI only made it all the way out here\xfffethanks to my Pokémon.\xf000븁\x0000 Alder went on ahead. Let's hurry. Cheren: It's hard to put into words...\xfffebut I'll never forgive them for this!\xf000븁\x0000 Alder: What could that guy called\xfffeN possibly want?\xf000븁\x0000\xfffeCould he be trying to prove he is\xffferight by winning the battle of the\xf000븀\x0000\xfffetwo dragons?\xf000븁\x0000 The Xtransceiver is ringing. \xf000Ā\x0001\x0000 picked up the Xtransceiver.\xf000븁\x0000 Alder: I could hear Professor Juniper's\xfffevoice from clear over here!\xf000븀\x0000\xfffeSeems like something big is happening.\xf000븁\x0000\xfffeI wonder what is waiting at the museum\xfffein Nacrene City.\xf000븀\x0000\xfffeI'll go on ahead!\xf000븁\x0000 Cheren: I'll look around here once more.\xf000븁\x0000\xfffeI don't want to believe what\xfffethat Ghetsis says...\xf000븁\x0000\xfffeYou should head for the\xfffeNacrene City Museum. I came clear out to the Desert Resort\xfffeto train, but...\xf000븁\x0000\xfffeThere are so many Ground-type Pokémon,\xfffeand I'm already in tatters... You're the first person to come\xfffeclear out here to talk to me!\xf000븁\x0000\xfffeI'm so moved!\xfffeSo, I'll give you this!\xf000븁\x0000 If a Pokémon holds this Soft Sand, the\xfffepower of its Ground-type moves goes up! According to what I've heard, that\xfffeRelic Castle is the ruins of a city built\xf000븀\x0000\xfffeby the hero of old and the dragon\xf000븀\x0000\xfffePokémon that accompanied the hero. Oh! A sea of sand! I don't need\xfffeGo-Goggles here!\xf000븁\x0000\xfffeOh, I've come here all the way from\xfffethe Hoenn region. ======================================== It is the bold text that I am interested in and how it is referred to. Here is the hex code that refers to this part of the script when you enter the battle with Mew: 2E 00 A6 00 47 05 28 00 24 80 00 00 B8 00 F8 01 01 00 24 80 09 00 24 80 08 00 01 00 11 00 01 00 1F 00 FF 97 00 00 00 34 00 07 00 02 00 47 00 10 80 09 00 10 80 08 00 00 00 11 00 01 00 1F 00 FF 72 00 00 00 28 00 25 80 00 00 B6 00 F8 01 01 00 25 80 09 00 25 80 08 00 01 00 11 00 01 00 1F 00 FF 4B 00 00 00 23 00 98 02 04 00 C9 02 00 00 34 00 08 00 02 00 36 00 28 00 26 80 00 00 04 00 10 03 00 00 78 01 97 00 23 00 20 80 7B 01 26 80 09 00 26 80 08 00 01 00 11 00 01 00 1F 00 FF 0C 00 00 00 6C 00 11 80 79 01 1E 00 02 00 00 00 7A 01 1E 00 02 00 00 00 36 00 1E 00 0A 00 00 00 34 00 06 00 02 00 32 00 36 00 30 00 2F 00 02 00 I've been looking at ways at which an offset could be determined, like if it's the number of lines in the dialogue, the number of breaks (\xfffe), the number of characters, the number of words, or what, but I cannot find a hex value that relates whatsoever. What I want to be able to do is insert my own custom text that says something along the lines of "Use Potion on the truck? A wild Mew emerged from underneath!" but I'll need to know how the game reads this text. I plan to insert that text in the end of the block and just have it call it when it needs. May as well ask it here as well, my next step will be instead of asking to use an item on the truck, if I could use Strength (to really match that old rumor from the good old days of RBY) as a move to activate Mew. So if anyone has any ideas as to how that will be accomplished, I'd love for you to share them. My plan was to look for where Cut is used on trees (as I found an overworld sprite to a tree while messing around and creating a truck icon, so I have some clues as to what to look for) and work off of that code and see if I can't impose it upon the Mew here. For reference, RageCandyBar is the item required to activate Mew right now and it's hex value is 01F8, so in that first line of hex I posted, you can see where F801 is and that indeed refers to ragecandybar. Thanks to whomever can help me create customized text.
  18. OK, what Pokemon White hack do you have? Seeing you talking about 3rd generation starters and Brock tells me that you're playing a hack... There is hex code you can edit to change what is handed out by the NPC in the Dreamyard, read this: http://projectpokemon.org/forums/showthread.php?15960-Modding-Gift-Pokemon&highlight=elemental+monkey As for the Brock editing, I'd assume it's just replacing sprites through the BWSE by I believe Kazowar. I don't know why your game is crashing. If these are your own edits, you may have overwritten some data - if you take a NARC, edit it and increase it's size, and reinsert it, you'll overwrite other narcs which can make the game crash. For the human sprite editor, I'm assuming it's the BWSE editor that I mentioned before: I have no answers, I would try looking in KazoWAR's thread about his various tools and reading posts about it.
  19. Looking through the past forum posts, Andibad has been made aware and wasn't able to make any progress on it. I haven't made direct contact, as it isn't a major urgency now that I can manipulate stationary pokemon even better thanks to Drayano. But I'm sure if Andibad had anything to contribute, he'd have posted so as I'm sure he's read this.
  20. Well, see, the thing is no one has done anything with roamers so I wanted to try a different strategy. I'd love to find the roamer hex data, but that doesn't seem to be an option at this point.
  21. Oh, interesting. Thanks for that; I probably never would've noticed DeS having the script options and would've started out going in the wrong direction from the get-go. And to confirm, you're Z coordinate is correct. As appears to be the rest of what you've described (haven't tested that player movement limit thing though).
  22. Freaking Brilliant! Much appreciated Drayano! Being unable to emulate at a decent speed myself, I am grateful you were able to do this work. It'll be a while until I can get to a computer that can emulate quickly, so I won't be able to utilize this right away, but it's definitely handy. I looked into LUA (because that looks very handy for these edits), but I have very little idea of what to do. I'm reading the readme that came with the download of lua 5.2.0 but I'm sort of lost on what to do with the whole making and installing lua. Using windows 7. And I'm sure this needs to be addressed: Where do I end up placing scripts? Do I make a script file, or do I just manually type them up into the terminal window (doubtful)? Ahh, being a novice to this aspect of hacking. The most I've done in regards to scripting has been with Auto Hot Key which was only for really simply tasks, but I'm a quick learner so anything you can provide me will be appreciated!
  23. Would anyone know about being able to move these items on the map, so you can hide it in a corner or something? Also, where the data is for when you buy stuff from the PokeMart? Particularly, what the initial string is that indicates an item, like how there's 2A000080XXXX and 28000C80XX mentioned above by Drayano. Because I don't know what string I'm looking for, when I search for an item like TM15 - Hyper Beam, I'm finding a bunch of irrelevant bytes that don't involve the sale of the TM.
  24. Well, you wouldn't happen to have any idea where I can find the coordinates of stationary Pokemon would you?
  25. It's fine, don't worry. That's just a generic message with any .exe from an "unrecognized" source. If you're truly worried, run it through a virus scan.
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