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Beta: the pokécheck legality checker for generation 5


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This thread is for reporting faults, not for asking how to make something legal.

But feel free to search the forums for how to fix trash bytes.

(By the way, your Pokemon was deleted so there's nothing at your link.)

sorry but the question is born because i've an heatran and trash bytes are ok, Why??

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Gen 4 Rayquaza with a gen 5 format name, but not nicknamed. It is "Rayquaza" when it should be "RAYQUAZA".

EDIT: According to a PM conversation I had in the shoutbox, the pokemon were uploaded from a gen 5 game after being poketransferred and when the gen 5 GTS filter kicked in to censor the OT, it changed the pokemon's name to lowercase without marking it as nicknamed. I have no clue if that is how it works, but I figured I would mention it so those who actually know how things work can determine if it really is something that needs to be fixed, or if I'm just ignorant :P

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This Seedot from the in-game trade on a Japanese Emerald cart shows up with a "doesn't match PID" flag for its ability.


Also, getting a butt-ton of red text on in-game trades on a Japanese Black cart (have confirmed this across multiple files).







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There seems to an issue regarding eggs hatching in Pledge Grove. I RNGed this in Black 1 and traded the egg over to White 2.


The LA lists it as Unknown Encounter.

My guess is that it doesn't account for possible trades from BW1 to BW2 and since they probably use different hatch algorithms, it will seem illegal. I'll ask xfr to confirm though.

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