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  1. So if Crystal is already supported by Bank, does that mean a Celebi from the GS ball event can be transferred? I'm guessing people already tried to transfer a Celebi and failed... but I wonder if someone tried properly setting the two caught data bytes in the mon data used only by mons from Crystal? Edit: wow, I haven't been on here in so long, I never noticed the avatars are now all forced into squares. Ruined my avatar.
  2. Attached is a 5th gen .pkm of a JP Poochyena that was given an inappropriate nickname, which was then uploaded to the 5th gen GTS on an EN game. This caused it to be censored, but it was given the EN trainer name and nickname, causing a nickname and language mismatch. 1985199.pkm
  3. I have a question - are the nature/IVs assigned to shadow Pokémon still being severely limited by the Pokémon before it? What happens is, the Pokémon are generated in order, and for whatever reason, the unmodified game decides to check each PID for the non-shadow Pokémon, and reject it if it doesn't fit their assigned nature/gender, or is shiny. This limits the possible spreads on the next Pokémon severely - a single 50% gender ratio Pokémon before the shadow one will cut the available spreads from 2^32 to 1/50th of that (1/25 for matching nature, then 1/2 for 50/50 gender). Since even 2^32 possible IV/nature combinations don't yield every single possibility, the nature/gender lock of non-shadow Pokémon really hurts. I imagine it would be easier to make the shadow Pokémon get generated first than to add a function that would modify the PID of the non-shadow Pokémon to fit their assigned nature/gender. Colosseum actually does the former for many Pokémon - notably the gen 2 legendary beasts are generated first, allowing for all 2^32 possibilities.
  4. I didn't realize that the attachment was updated since the release on 7/28. Newer version properly in that regard.
  5. I loaded my Diamond save, and any Pokémon I looked at, 3rd or 4th gen origin, would show a 5th gen location.
  6. Just an FYI, but all of the 420 Mystery Mew have known PID/IVs, and none of them were shiny.
  7. Well it sounds like the exploit won't have access to the signing key, otherwise I'd think that it could be used to load ROMs, which was stated to not be possible... But I don't really know what's possible and what isn't.
  8. Asking for help to bypass any official check, including the one for Pokémon Bank is against the policy of this site.
  9. Cleverly = not via Gateway emuNAND. Different encryption for some reason.
  10. Hozu

    PKHeX Legacy Discussion

    If by support you mean using the edited save...
  11. A-Save assumes that the ability is determined by the PID, when it's actually determined by a specific bit. Normally, this is unimportant, but Pokémon from the Gamecube titles can have the ability not match the PID.
  12. Are you able to transfer the Pokémon from your FR cart all the way to 5th gen by the intended way? Pokégen has an issue sometimes.
  13. The Togepi line can't be captured in HG/SS at all, so yes, it's definitely hacked. Not just someone hacking in the balls then capturing, straight up hacked.
  14. When it comes to this specific event (and other region-locked ones), that goes against what was said earlier. Also, game carts have their region printed on them. Plus, the UK Electabuzz/Magmar events couldn't be received on a NA game card despite them both being for English-speaking regions.
  15. Defeating any sort of region-locking for 6th gen events doesn't even yield a legal Pokémon, let alone a legitimate one. Anyone can dump the Pokémon as a file and see that some sort of unofficial third-party hardware (ie. a hacking device) was used to get something that can't be obtained by normal use of the hardware/software. Most people would assume Wondercard injection via Powersave; defeating the region-locking in the manner you described would yield the same region data. In summary, defeating the region-locking to obtain this Darkrai event, or any other region-locked event would yield a Wondercard and Pokémon that isn't even legal, let alone legitimate. As such, neither should be added to the Event database.
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