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Beta: the pokécheck legality checker for generation 5


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randomspot555 edit: Because it apparently hasn't been clear enough, this thread is strictly for reporting ERRORS in PokeCheck's Legality Analyses. Anything beyond that is off-topic and may get you an an infraction.

evandixon edit: Because this thread is for reporting errors, this is also NOT the thread to ask why your Pokémon aren't legal. Be sure to search for legality guides before asking somewhere besides this thread.

Until the release of an update to Sabresite's legal.exe, I have added a basic legality checker for generation 5 to Pokécheck.

This tool is meant to detect edited or cloned pokémon. In accordance with ProjectPokemon's policy on hacking, you are reminded that edited Pokémon are not allowed on Black & White Random Wifi matchup and in all nintendo or affiliated events. As such, any request to make a Pokémon legal for Wifi or any official or non official tournament will be ignored and can get you banned by the moderation team.

To try it you can either deposit the pokémon to test on the Pokécheck GTS or have an account and import the .pkm file.

For a legit pokémon you should expect somthing similar to this:


Please report any pokémon either incorrectly reported as hacked or new ideas to detect currently undetected hacks.

Always include a link to the incriminated pokémon if you can. You don't have to make it public.

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Clarified policy on edited pokémon
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Awesome, thanks for this. I've been using your site a lot already, have several .pkm files I've loaded up there.

One question though, should the legality analysis have green text like in your picture? The ones I've already uploaded don't have green text but seems to all be valid for the most part...

here take a look at one...


also it thinks Dream Ball is hacked, even though this appears to be a valid DW pokemon

and this pokemon does not need trash bytes in the nickname but returns this statement "Name contains no trash bytes (more tests missing)."

some other things I noticed with this pokemon


Light Ball is an illegal item for BW as it can not be acquired this gen yet.

Also it shows Nasty Plot as "Hacked / Event only (417)" for Pikachu... my understanding is it is a normal level up move from Pichu? please correct me if I'm wrong.

under certain conditions pokemon do not need a terminator sequence for their OT name - http://projectpokemon.org/forums/showthread.php?15108-Escape-Sequence

for this pokemon i removed the terminator sequence, saved it with only the trainer name - http://pokecheck.kraftpaper.org/?p=detail&uid=71039

but it returns this for OT


All characters in name are valid.

Name has proper terminators.

As a hatched pokemon I expected it to say the following:


All characters in name are valid.

Name has proper sequence.

OR if the pokemon was captured instead of hatched it should say:


All characters in name are valid.

Invalid terminator sequence.

This pokemon is level 50 but does not evolve till level 64, doesn't seem to be detected - http://pokecheck.kraftpaper.org/?p=detail&uid=71068

Also has a level up move which can't be learned till level 79 but returns this error "Hacked / Event only (200)"

Edited by cH053n
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Is Dream World Blaziken released in English yet?

Good point, no it is not.

This is not detected on Nintendo WFC random wifi check though, as this pokemon can play online...

ahh... just noticed you cant see the legality analysis of other peoples pokemon.

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Thank you for your comments, cH053n. Your post on OT escape sequence is interesting, I found out the same results as you for the most part and if you want to complete your table, I have found out that:

- Fateful encounter is basically the same case as Event (except for Shaymin in Pt) and terminator for those is all \FFFF

- NPC Pokémon Gift like those first badge monkeys is the same as starters and NPC trade, with simple escape sequence.

ALL name fields have AT LEAST one terminator \FFFF to mark the end of the name; I call this simple terminator. Some others, most importantly wild pokémon, have double terminator, i.e. \FFFF at the end of the name AND at the end of the field. Even if you remove what you call the "terminator sequence", you will still have the mandatory first terminator. It doesn't appear in PokeGen but that's because PokeGen is smart and will always include it (otherwise it can corrupt your save file). Pokécheck should handle most cases correctly but I think it is missing roaming and maybe some NPC cases.

There is no check for level and items, I'll add it or part of it (like Codr said I don't really want to keep a database of stuff updated). Also I don't have a table of released dream world pokémon and genders, if you know where to find one I should add a dream world legality check. Currently all gen5 dream world are flagged as hacked.

As for your Pikachu it was a bug that caused level up moves exclusive to the preevo to not be recognized properly. The check is not very smart and all invalid moves are listed as Hacked, even level up moves from higher levels.

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Also it shows Nasty Plot as "Hacked / Event only (417)" for Pikachu... my understanding is it is a normal level up move from Pichu? please correct me if I'm wrong.

I can see "Valid (level up)" for Nasty Plot.

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Thanks for the additional info about the terminator sequence, hope you don't mind if I quote you in my thread.

For DW pokemon check out these pages

All DW normally found in the Island of Dreams theoretically can be female or male


Any event exclusive pokemon are supposedly male only


Here is a Japanese wiki that further confirms what DW pokemon are released and their gender


Smogon also has a thread but it appears to be incomplete as far as gender is concerned... but could be used to compare to the Japanese wiki.


To further add about there being no level check

This pokemon can only be encountered at min lv 25 and max lv 31


This is not shown as invalid under encounter

So if there was a level check it would need two separate checks. One for its level of its current form and one for encountered at level.

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Found a couple more inconsistencies on the legality analysis.


- This is Shaymin Sky form, no matter what PID combination I used the Ability shows as "Hacked".

- Also it knows a move that only Sky form can learn, Air Slash, but it shows as "Hacked / Event Only (403)"



- These Mew and Mewtwo both have moves which can be taught from the Gen III Move Tutor in Pokemon xD but show as "Hacked / Event only (95)" and "Hacked / Event only (120)"


Japanese Pokemon with foreign English letters return this error "Cannot check the character set for non-latin alphabets."

For Gen III Pokemon the nickname returns this message "Pokémon is from gen 3, check trash bytes manually."

- My question is how should the terminator sequence appear for Gen III? I loaded up several .pkm files from Gen III that were on pkmdb.com and they either had no terminator sequence or it has a single terminator and then several trash bytes afterwards or whatever...

Check out my current distro that I'm doing using Pokecheck! Maybe can get more people to know about your site :)


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- Normally those alternate forms with special moves/abilities like shaymin, giratina, rotom cannot be deposited on the GTS so they aren't supported yet. I will try to see if I can add exceptions for them.

- Obviously xD and DW exclusive moves are not recognized properly. I consider those cases fall under the "Event only" category but I'll see what I can do...

- I don't know which characters are possible to input on japanese games hence I can't really test if they're valid. This does not mean the pokemon is not legal. Same (but worst) problem for corean games; I have no idea what the input keyboard is.

- Gen 3 has a complex set of trash bytes depending on the slot and region used to pal park them. The correct way to check those is to use the gen4 legality checker, ignoring the last 2 bytes. I'm not sure I want to invest too much effort into supporting them

Your concept of distribution is interesting and although it contradicts the spirit of Pokécheck, your efforts to make fully legal stuff are commendable.

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I will fix this egg event. Was there any other egg event before?

Skimmed through all the events on bulbapedia, didn't see any other egg events besides the same event as this one but in Japan.

Also the latest Japanese event for the Movie 11 Victini returns several errors


► OT アイント\xFFFF\x0000\x0000\xFFFF

Cannot check the character set for non-latin alphabets.

Invalid trash bytes for a Wifi Gift.

► Nickname ビクティニ\xFFFF\x0000\x0000\x0000\x0000\xFFFF

Cannot check the character set for non-latin alphabets.

Invalid trash bytes for a Wifi Gift.

► Gender This pokémon's gender does not match its PID.

► Locations Fateful (event or shaymin). Invalid hatch location

► Ball Cherish ball on non-wifi event.

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I meant was it obtained by mystery gift or by a wireless distribution cartrige? I suppose it must have been wireless in theaters, wasn't it? In any case unlike gen4 (all \FF terminators) it seems gen5 events have a normal double terminator.

Supposedly you had to buy a movie ticket in advance and get it from the theater in japan.


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