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Pokémon Black and White Translation Project v3 (Project is complete!)


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Can someone please differentiate the patches ending with -English and the patches ending with -Kata for me? I sound like a total n00b, but I never really found the difference. But the first part of being a n00b is realizing you are one. :)

I believe the -kata download, they use the original Japanese names but in Romjii or what ever the word is for the romanization.

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Hey it's me again with the LOGOs, I see everyone liked my ones that are on the game, however I edited the official LOGOs from the website. So that guy who injected those into the game, you can resize these as I made them useable for injection in our unofficial game. Please note some sort of credit back, I'd appreciate it:


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I'd say just make the main patch have the official logos by default, then have additional patches that do nothing but change the logos - to the "old" ones, to the "new" ones, and to the really nice ones from a bunch of pages back. Those shouldn't even need to be updated for new versions, so it's pretty much easier for everybody.

(Normally I would just say the official logos should trump everything and not to make so much bother about something relatively minor, but those are some seriously ugly official logos.)

On that note, the Katakana Pokemon names should honestly be handled the same way, especially if it turns out a single patch will work for both Black and White (not sure if it would).

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Version 6, untranslated dialogue findings... Played the game over with version 6.


Village Bridge (Creepy Weird Music In That Village lol)



NPC Man with playing the Acoustic Guitar

NPC After the 3 houses EAST named Gachi

NPC Man Standing near a Garbage Tin named Reizo

Trainer: Baker Yoshie (standing by a trailer)

NPC Guy standing with a Pikachu with 3 other NPC and Pokemon.

NPC Girl standing with a Minezumi with 3 other NPC and Pokemon.

NPC Guy standing with a Waruvile with 3 other NPC and Pokemon.

>6 HOUSES (Left to Right)

4th House = NPC Man

5th House = NPC Girl (She runs away after you talk to her)

6th House = NPC Girl (She heals your PARTY)


Kagome Town


>Pokemon Center

NPC Girl standing near the Bookshelf

NPC Girl standing near the 3 NPC WiFi Workers


From vgperson:

- A small portion of the Battle Subway, though I've been focusing on the trainers, not the "structure," as it were, so I'm not really sure how small it is. Pretty much the same deal for the Trial House, since it apparently has its trainers in the same file.

- The sports domes, though about half of the trainer dialogue there is translated.

- Musicals.

- Shaga/Iris teaching you Dragon Meteor. (I don't know why I haven't gotten around to this yet, really.)

- Most of Black City and White Forest. (I don't think there's much in White Forest, but I've been doing all my testing in Black, so I don't really know.)

- Parts of Kagome Town and Village Bridge. Probably Kanawa Town, too.

- The Dive messages for "it looks like you can go up/down here" in the Abyssal Ruins. (Just couldn't find them.)

- Most event Pokemon events. (I'll do Victini as soon as I can find a working code for it, I swear.)

- C-Gear and PC help files.

- Wireless/Wi-Fi stuff which I can't test.

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The next version will have all of Kagome Town and Village Bridge, Draco Meteor tutoring, and the Dive messages. Kanawa Town might take until the next version because there's a guy there who talks about trains and he is SO BORING.

I dunno what my priority will be after those. Probably the sports domes and the Battle Subway rest stop NPCs.

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Good morning guys,

sorry for my bad english, and sorry again for the question that someone did in previous posts.

In the next version will be included the names of the US/EU version of Pokemon? Only if the issuing official site, of course.

Thanks and congratulations for the excellent work.

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Ooh the new logo is too cartoonish and the names is gud(comparing to digimon) and region sucks actually it shuld have been smthng like the previous one.... This is just my opnion and vgperson who is that boring person...and guys can anybody hold a poll or smthng for whether to include the newly english relesed data in the next patch...

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Well, the general public will test it, for the most part. I did start systematically going through and translating non-story files the other day (most of the ones I got done seemed to be Dream World), but that stuff's probably not going to be my priority until just about everything else is done.

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