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  1. Wow. When checking the .pkm file, I noticed that for some reason it said I caught my Samurott in a Cherish Ball. Even though I never did, and I never changed it to say that, so I changed it back to a Poke Ball, and guess what... it worked. Boy, I'm pretty stupid! Thanks for the help, though.
  2. check http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/ for which ability it is for Frillish it says "Water Absorb or Cursed Body" so Water Absorb is ability 1 and Cursed Body is ability 2
  3. From what I understand, you only check the box next to the nickname if you've nicknamed your Pokemon. The purpose for it is that, for example, you name your Bulbasaur "Ivysaur", his nickname won't change when he evolves from Ivysaur to Venusaur because the nickname flag is set. Or something like that... Edit: Or if a foreign Pokemon is traded to you. Before generation 4, there was no nickname flag, so if a Pokemon wasn't nicknamed, it would still retain the name of its previous evolution after evolving. Hope I explained that good enough.
  4. yeah, but that would defeat the purpose of using their english names in the first place if the average english speaker can't read them
  5. I just beat the game. It's mostly good, I can basically understand what the dialogue says, there are just a lot of minor mistakes. I went over a few in another post, but after that I stopped keeping track of them. Overall it's not bad.
  6. a similar thing happens earlier in the game, where an NPC calls munna by another name that isn't in all caps TM thing i was talking about before
  7. Stuff I found that isn't translated: - upstairs in the pokemon center, before you get the c-gear - the TV shows - the survey place in hiun city - a lot of places in raimon city: the battle place (in the bottom left corner), the sports stadiums, pokemon musicals - when a woman asks you if you want to ride the ferris wheel with her, she actually says "yes / no" in the dialogue. i don't think this was intentional - a house with NPCs in Hodomoe City - trading (any kind of trading, not just wi-fi) - a lot of the wi-fi/c gear stuff but I'm sure you probably already knew that Formatting mistakes: - some of the Pokedex entries have errors - when teaching pokemon TMs, some of the text gets cut off and I have no idea why - After you defeat Yacon, he says "Come up to the cave at the end of Route 6! I'll be waitin"!" The quotation mark should be an apostrophe - When you show a shikijika to the scientist in the seasonal research facility on route 6, he says something like "I'll go catch a (blank space) too" Just to clarify, here are the Pokedex entries that are messed up Dangoro (cut off) Tabunne (cut off) Otamaro (their is misspelled as thier) Kurumiru (cut off) Basurao (cut off) Meguroco (cut off) Zuruggu (cut off) Kumasyun (cut off) Others: Shippou City is spelled both as Shippou and Shippo. Sorry if someone already reported these or if they've already been fixed, this is a really big thread.
  8. Thanks for answering my question! That's really helpful. I appreciate all the work everyone here is doing. The translation has made so much progress since I last checked.
  9. Keep up the good work guys! Do you guys have a prediction of when the whole game will be translated? Hopefully it will be before Nintendo releases the English version in Spring.
  10. I don't know if this has been reported or fixed, but in v3 there was a guy in a house, in the first town, who said something about PS3 and Game Boy. Which wasn't even in the Japanese version. And for all I know there could be a lot of mistakes like that, I just haven't found any others.
  11. I don't feel like checking again, but can anyone confirm if the dialogue in the beginning of the game was fixed so it sounds like proper English and it has proper punctuation/grammar?
  12. Somebody needs to fix the dialogue at the beginning of the game... it sounds like it was written by someone who doesn't know English that well. Either that or they used an automatic translator.
  13. Actually, I'd really like it if the story and dialogue was translated. Obviously battles are a higher priority, not to mention easier to do, but playing the game in Japanese gets on my nerves when there's a whole bunch of text that I can't even read. I'm looking forward to if and when the dialogue is translated.
  14. PM Kaarosu about it. You don't have to ask the same question over and over again in the thread.
  15. I'm not complaining. I'm just trying to help. This translation is awesome so far!
  16. What's up with the names of the new attacks? For example, Sherubreedo should be Shell Blade. Edit: Just checked the OP, the lead guys already noticed this. I'm glad they're paying attention to feedback! Great job, keep up the good work.
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