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Pokémon Black and White Translation Project v3 (Project is complete!)


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The different Union Room/Nintendo WFC dialogs appear to be all over the place. The narcs you are looking for are:

\a\0\0\2 <- This is the main narc.

\a\0\0\3 <- this is the story narc.

BTW, is your GIT the Translation Patch version 7 with a couple translation tweaks? and were there other translations done in the GIT?

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My GIT was forked after Version 7 was released. It doesn't have anything from other repositories. So it has everything from Version 7's release, plus Nintendo WFC and the Union Room are partially translated. I really haven't touched anything else.

the TXT list you gave me, was that all the Union and WFC room narc txt listing that you've translated or are there more?

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wait so the WHOLE thing is translated? even the TV text and wi-fi messages? must try this for myself!!!!

EDIT: aww I guess they ditched the project. no wi-fi until 2011 :(

Congrats on reading the first 3 posts, dude.

I'm going to close this thread. I'll re-open it or start a new one if Kaarosu or another translator decides to continue the translation.

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