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  1. Hey guys, now that English names have been revealed for the region and starters (region: Unova, starters: Oshawott (Miju), Tepig (Poka) and Snivy (Tsu)), will we start using those in the patch?
  2. Minor snafu in the eastern Wonder Bridge gatehouse: The old woman, when talking about the ghost girl, says "Casey" when she should say "Abra".
  3. http://github.com/pieguy/Pokemon-Black-White-Story-Translation-Files/blob/master/0000/0162.txt http://github.com/pieguy/Pokemon-Black-White-Story-Translation-Files/blob/master/0000/0163.txt The Yaguruma Forest event with Team Plasma.
  4. Working on the Team Plasma event in Yaguruma Forest. And yes, fchevalier - in-game saves (NOT save states) will work.
  5. http://github.com/pieguy/Pokemon-Black-White-Story-Translation-Files/blob/master/0000/0024.txt Aloe's pre- and post- Gym Battle dialogue... not sure what the rest of it is. http://github.com/pieguy/Pokemon-Black-White-Story-Translation-Files/blob/master/0000/0021.txt Also Arti's scene right after Team Plasma steals the skull.
  6. Fixed. Could someone else take care of the two lines I missed? I have no clue what Gaido's blabbing about.
  7. Shippou Gym Puzzle is done, yo. http://github.com/pieguy/Pokemon-Black-White-Story-Translation-Files/blob/master/0000/0023.txt
  8. http://github.com/pieguy/Pokemon-Black-White-Story-Translation-Files/blob/master/0000/0022.txt Shippou Museum and Team Plasma heist. Now working on the Gym itself.
  9. So! I signed up to github and did the forky thing, ready to get a-translatin'! Then I realised I have no idea how to work it. How do you work it? EDIT: OK, currently working on 0022 in the story. Shippou Museum and Plasma's heist.
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