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Pokémon Black and White Translation Project v3 (Project is complete!)


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well ive been on GL onece or twice in english but it wont let you trade over pokemon that have more than 5 letters in there name as they think there hacked.

Ok, but I don't even have any hacked Pokemon, and it's still not letting me in. And I'm not even sure how to get over 5 letters in a Pokemon's name.

The kanji patch is downloadable from the first page like all the patches...

Oh, I thought it would need to be downloaded through a different site. I'll go check it out. :)

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Again, sorry for multiple posts >.<

the same thing works for Wood-R4, dstt and all the others, just follow the same steps and it should work, I've done this on an r4, acekard2i, M3zero and r4i-sdhc. This is the easiest way to fix up cheat files on ANY system (just open your cheat file. it may be usrcheat.dat, cheats.xml or whatever x.x again, sorry for multiple posts)

So just to make things clear, all I have to do is OPEN the usrcheat.dat file to get it to work again?

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...R4cce, download and use it to open your Usercheat file. scroll down to the pokemon white/black cheats and look to the side, there will be a game id and a little box with "...", click that and browse for the .nds of your game (probably on your sd card) click that file and the game id should change to whatever the current ID is. Save changes and make sure this updated usercheat is in the correct place...

^ open it and follow those directions, then click save. Put your card back into your DS AFTER doing that to change the cheat's ID to match your game (by following those steps) Boot your ds and the cheats tab should be avaliable now. (if the cheats are turned on but don't actually work, take this up with the cheats department as that isn't our problem and this thread isnt for such discussions)

If The cheats tab wont show up (you cant see the cheats on your ds), please PM me what you're doing and all relevent details



get that, I made it last year for people doing this with HG and SS. It should be really useful to explain how to fix the cheats not showing up problem

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Hey friends at the translation "Building-site"!

I just wanted to let you guys know that I'm permanently done with contributing.

It was fun being here for the time that I did contribute :)

I've stopped contributing since my Nintendo DS bricked, and I'm not planning on getting a new one.

Maybe I'll be here sometimes, but I'm not contributing anymore.

Thanks for the fun times and good luck translating ;)

Your fellow contributer, Rykin122.


DS BRICKED?? how is that possible?

Oh, I thought it was an actual patch. S what this means is, I can't use any of the GL Services if I'm using the English language? Or what?

And u can change that on the options menu.

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the talk where you leave the bridge to enter the town with the 8th badge.after you hear plasmas speech about giving up your pokemon adeku called me white and said reshiram was revived by N(im on pokemon black my name is black and i just saw zekroam get revived) doesnt really bother thought i might share though

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So, I got a quick question, sorry if it's already been answered.

With regards to this...

Patch Instructions:

Obtain a clean ROM (Dump it yourself or find it elsewhere don't ask us or anyone in here for it)

Obtain a copy of xDelta GUI (Decided to be nice and link the one I used to make the patches: http://www.mediafire.com/?b7em3n4sn7hhmtr

Open xDelta Gui

Click "Select Patch" and choose whichever patch you downloaded for your version

Now choose 'Select ROM' and navigate to the clean ROM

Now click on "Apply Patch" wait until it's done

Try it out and give some feedback?

After patching said ROM once, could you then patch the patched ROM again when an update comes out, or do you need to patch the clean ROM?

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After patching said ROM once, could you then patch the patched ROM again when an update comes out, or do you need to patch the clean ROM?

You should always patch using a clean ROM to avoid issues which means do the Rodolph EXP patch and then the update.

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alright i merged what vgperson had in his git and did some continuity check with trainer names and I think I got everything preparing patches, major props to vgperson since v6 is basically all done by him.


vgperson updated some stuff while I was making the patches so i will either do a 6.5 later on if battle subway still freezes/crashes if it doesn't i'll just add them into v7


V6 patches are up

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V6 doesn't just have more trainer text, it has ALL trainer text, excepting the sports domes and the Battle Subway (and way more are missing from the sports domes than the Battle Subway).

I noticed some were definite backwards steps when you imported my repository (for one, I never touched the Deru/Exit/whatever Power descriptions after my initial fork, so they went back to being terrible), so 6.5 is probably a good idea. I'll try to finish and test the Battle Subway for that.

Like I said earlier, it's getting easier to say what's not translated. So here's what's I know isn't fully translated.

- A small portion of the Battle Subway, though I've been focusing on the trainers, not the "structure," as it were, so I'm not really sure how small it is. Pretty much the same deal for the Trial House, since it apparently has its trainers in the same file.

- The sports domes, though about half of the trainer dialogue there is translated.

- Musicals.

- Shaga/Iris teaching you Dragon Meteor. (I don't know why I haven't gotten around to this yet, really.)

- Most of Black City and White Forest. (I don't think there's much in White Forest, but I've been doing all my testing in Black, so I don't really know.)

- Parts of Kagome Town and Village Bridge. Probably Kanawa Town, too.

- The Dive messages for "it looks like you can go up/down here" in the Abyssal Ruins. (Just couldn't find them.)

- Most event Pokemon events. (I'll do Victini as soon as I can find a working code for it, I swear.)

- C-Gear and PC help files.

- Wireless/Wi-Fi stuff which I can't test.

Ultimately, it's all optional stuff, though some things are more optional than others.

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