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  1. in conjunction to the quote in this message, use this newly converted code to get the key item "reflecting mirror/revealing glass" here is the code for the event, thanks to Bond697 for converting them for us: W2U (PAR) 521659FC 2000DB01 121659FC 0000E010 D2000000 00000000 B2U (PAR) 521659BC 2000DB01 121659BC 0000E010 D2000000 00000000 please read this quote in order to properly get the item, any questions about pokegen for this event only, i will be happy to provide answers to the best of my knowledge i have verified and noted on this that the event does work now with this code and other setup and once you have the item, you can disable the code and the item still works, thanks again bond for the conversion of the code
  2. demonic, may i be so kind to ask you if there is a way to convert the reflecting mirror event code to work with the US/UK versions of white 2?
  3. no, what i think they meant was hopefully they make an AR device that works with 3DS games
  4. i have tried this along with the codes in the thread here from trance and the other kind soul that said they got it to work but i havent heard anything from them on here well, what if we do not have the money to even get the 3DS then, are the people in that boat screwed, that is the main reason we are in the mechanics of the game, even if we did get this for the 3DS, it does not work with the flashcarts, so either way that is why we are trying to put it in-game with ar codes its with these posts that got my hopes up about the reflecting mirror event as stated from this other person that they had it working but i followed this stuff to the tee and it did not work for me, so i do not know what is wrong with it edit: nvm, i see these were before the US/UK versions were out >_> silly me, but if someone can change these codes to work with the new versions we might be in business
  5. okay, i have poked around and unable to find what gets changes for the event to work properly, i have looked into the B/W2 AR thread on here and was wondering if anyone can verify this works or if something is wrong, im sorry if this isnt the right place for this but i have been trying pokegen too but unable to make the dream radar landorus in there either
  6. hey trance, sorry to bother you but i would like to know more about the reflecting mirror code you posted, also Dreamer, you said you got it to work, could you please explain, when i try it, neither gen'ing the item in with the code on works, nor does the event on the game too, so i might be missing something, is it a button activation?
  7. ok, then why have that in there, is it going to be fixed later down the road?? also, sorry to sound like a bug here, but where is the exchange thread at?? never mind, i found it , im a blonde
  8. well, i like the pokecgear program but where do you find the C-gear skins at, i have looked through google twice now, and hell i had to recover my password here to just login and ask the community >__>
  9. ok, well at most, could you tell me in your downloads section in GIT, which download is the latest for your updates??
  10. ok, i know my english isn't that good >__> i will explain it better when i apply your patch (v8) to a clean rom, it works,when i try to pull some info from the patched rom using PPTxT program, it crashes on the main narc (2) and the file number is (0188) now when i build the info from the git files, it does the same thing but i checked the file and well i can't ind why its crashing cause its the same thing as the last few patches
  11. no, im talking about your patch, im trying to pull the rom apart and fix a few things and well it crashes on your patch files, but with the last release from kaarosu and others it was 0189 from the main files crashing, i never had this issue, so i wanted to know if there was something big you changed in it
  12. ok, i don't know who would delete this, i asked a simple question to koolayde ok, im having a bit of an issue when trying to fix something and well, the PPTxT program crashes on the main narc file (2) on the file (0188) and i was wondering if there was something to do about it
  13. hey Koolayde, having a crash issue with your latest patch in PPTXT program when i try to extract 0188 from the main files, i noticed i cant even look at it, without it crashing, so any solution to this, also if you want my help again, i would be fine with it also, sorry for leaving the community when i did, i had a lot of personal issues to take care of
  14. dang, i step out cause of my girl being pregnant and i miss a crap load of stuff but im back ^__^ hopefully we can finish this translation now a little side note, i found out something or someone messed with my files, cause i dont seem to have 0001/0025 file from my main branch, i thought we always had that?
  15. having an issue with the program, everytime i try to open main file 189 from the black & White roms, the program crashes on me, so i was wondering, is there anyway to resolve this issue, SCV??
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