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  1. To be honest, I don't like those logos.........I LOVE THEM...pesonally I feal that the capture the true feel of pokémon. It's what it should be, not so serious but fun and thats what it's really about......thanks man I LOVE THEM!!!
  2. I like the new logos but what they could have done was make them look a bit more realistic and less cartoonish.....BTW great works guys keep it up and youll achieve 100% perfection
  3. If they use these i would kiss you.....unless your a guy.....that would just be creepy >.>
  4. I alway hate the GTS......people alway offer like a lv: 10 chillarmy for like a lv: 100 Reshiram
  5. I've been wondering this, why dont you edit it so all the pokemon that evolve through trading can evolve in-game....so people using Flash cards and stuff can use all pokemon without trading.....Just an opinion.
  6. so basicly it is a verson that makes it in english when you choose the second language option.
  7. Ive been wondering what does it mean by V3White-NewLogo-*Kata* what does the kata do
  8. I'm kind of confussed...is this the Beta V2 or the new V2......sorry for asking
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