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  1. Again with the English release only about a month and a half away I probably wouldnt bother putting the official English names in there anyway since most people are going to move to the official English version anyway and even I prefer them without the names in there because we are so close now to that official English release ;p
  2. Just wait till the English version comes out. I bet it'll take the hackers a bit longer to crack the AP since im sure Nintendo will put tougher protection in place then in the JAP version. And then watch then the forums here get flooded again with news on wondering when the AP will be cracked May I ask why does the opposing Pokemon in the 8.01 Patch now have lower case letters when it's always been the whole name in upper?
  3. Can you make a separate patch that keeps the original names of the Pokemon instead of the Official English names Koolayde? Reason why is because with the U.S. release only 3 months away most of us inlcuding myself probably don't really need the official English names the few that are already in there and it makes everything strange yet I want the different corrections at the same time
  4. Im not even sure if they should include the original English names in the final patches of the translation because well 1 main reason because we don't know all the official English names yet so I would just say as long as the Japanese names are correct then I wouldnt bother to have them changed since the English release is now just 3 months away. So I'd say just fix what needs to be fixed and translated but don't worry about translating the official names from the English release into this.
  5. Nintendo has there reasons not to mention the translation can differ from the U.S Translation of the game. Not to mention the release date has nothing to do with because of the translation. They just like to have it at a certain date.
  6. Yeah I tried to download xDelta GUI too (I'm not sure if there is suppose to be other files or something to install in order for it to work.) But right now I get this message every time I run it. This seems like a .NET Framework error either because you don't have the most recent version which is 4.0 or you don't have it installed. Download the latest version of .NET Framework here and let me know if this helps. http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/en/details.aspx?FamilyID=9cfb2d51-5ff4-4491-b0e5-b386f32c0992&displaylang=en
  7. That is the whole patch. Get a clean Rom then use the Rudolph's Child's Play patch for whichever version you are going to play that matches the Rom to remove the AP. Then just drag your clean rom into that patch wait a few seconds and you'll have a pre-patched rom. Then use the xDelta GUI to apply the V7 patch into the rom and your good to go. If you want the English names for your Pokemon then do not choose the Kata patch. As for the logos it just depends which one you prefer best xP
  8. I figured with the forum here being pretty dead about lack of updates as to how the patch is going I figured maybe they would just be satisfied with what we have. It's hard to imagine how the forums here were just a couple days prior to the game coming out and this thread was always constantly busy with people giving there updates and the patches and now it's been pretty slow lol. Hard to believe how quickly 2 months goes by
  9. Will the entire story be fully translated in the next patches or just most of the stuff we need to know and/or wait till the English release?
  10. A few pages back I talked about there possibly being a glitch cause Discharge was super effective on my Denchura but I just realized it got water soaked
  11. Can someone tell me if Hachiku's english name is Bamboo because that is what the patch say it is if you viewed my video above
  12. I don't know if this has been fixed for the next version but I thought this was funny but I battled the 7th gym leader here as you'll see in this video and his name is supposed to be Hachiku not Bamboo [video=youtube;X5dily_xCNE]
  13. Well I tried using an electric move with a wild Pokemon on it's pre-evolution and it said it was not very effective and I had it use the same on me and it was not very effective so im not sure why when I battled that pokemon ranger in the Sekka Wetlands that it said Super Effective and did a big chunk of damage.
  14. I really don't know if it was a glitch or what. Oh and this is with the V1 patch the one right after the beta release since I wanted to wait for everything to get done and I don't know if that maybe triggered it.
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