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  1. The "Patrat pageant" is on Wonder Bridge, 3/279. Also, I just remembered I changed "Hodomoe Honcho" to "Driftveil Don" in the Gym Leader gossip show (3/462). I think that's about it, unless you count changing "SAZANAMI!!!" to "UNDELLYEEEEEAHHHHH!!" (3/451) just for the heck of it.
  2. Just making sure, Koolayde: you will be checking for cases such as "an Araragi" becoming "a Juniper," right? There are also a few other things like the "Minezumi to you-nezumi" joke and the hints for some of the Sekka/Icirrus quiz questions, off the top of my head. I've been updating my stuff with names (though haven't bothered to add Koolayde's edits), but I'm probably not going to translate any more at this point. If the official English translation isn't particularly great (which is looking to be the case so far), I might consider going through and fixing it up, but eh. It would be more for myself than anything because I doubt too many people care, except maybe for the parts that are likely to get changed a fair bit (Ferris wheel, "Why can't my parents stop Twittering?", "If I'm wearing a bikini, where do I keep my Pokeballs? Teehee... woman's secret!").
  3. It's pretty much just my preference. Fuuro seems to come from the Japanese name for the flower genus Geranium; since they're completely different between the languages, there isn't really a definite way to romanize it. So I went with Flo because I thought it worked better as a name (and it sorta fits her Flying type, too, though I doubt it'll actually be her official English name what with competition like Skye and Wendy). Preference is also basically why I went with Belle over Bel, Arty over Arti(e), and Getis over Geechisu or Geutis or whatever the heck (honestly, beyond the "G Cis" theory, which sounds awfully strange, I'm really stumped as to where his name comes from). However, Shouro to Shorea, Kamitsure to Camille, and Yakon to Yacon are all to match flower names, so there's not much to dispute there. (Though I forget which of the formers, if any, were actually used in earlier versions.) EDIT: Testing the patch, and the move type images seem to be back to Japanese for some reason. I think they're in 0/8/3.narc, so you should be able to just import that from one of the previous patches.
  4. I think he was asking about applying the actual patches rather than inserting the narcs manually. In which case, yes, I believe you need to have a clean ROM to patch every time. Also, I have that issue too: when inserting into an already-English 0/0/2, it always seems to crash at the particularly large 189 (the Trainer dialogue). It didn't do this until I had translated a significant amount of that dialogue (and generally, there's several times more English letters than Japanese characters), so it's evidently some kind of issue with very large files.
  5. Yeah, include everything. I'm not really in the middle of anything, since I just finished the sports domes. If you cover all the online stuff, the list of remaining stuff should be down to Kanawa Town, Musicals, the Subway stops, TV shows, and Black City/White Forest. (Oh yeah, and note that when I use the "import from all files" function in PPTXT, it seems to have problems with the accented "e" in the Pokedex classifications (257), so I have to fix it manually. Not sure what's going on there.)
  6. As stated, I'm still doing stuff too, though for nearly a month it was mostly just minor fixes and adding official names. But I finally got around to that remaining Trainer dialogue (I'm fairly sure they were all in the sports domes) last night, and I'll hopefully have the sports dome NPCs and such done soon. Pretty much everything except actual dialogue has been changed to match the revealed official stuff - names have been replaced, Pokemon names should be lowercase everywhere, and the Pokedex uses the full word "Pokemon" in the classifications (I simply reworded some to make them fit). Also, glad to see someone helping with online stuff, because while I do have the means to test some of it now, I probably wouldn't have wanted to bother.
  7. I actually did change the starter names and Isshu, like, the day they were revealed. But Kaarosu evidently changed them back.
  8. Looking through my commits, here's what I think has been done since V6: - Shortened the Battle Subway names to fix crashes. - Finished up the Battle Subway and Trial House, except for NPCs on the Battle Subway rest stops. - Village Bridge and Kagome Town. - The Royal Unova. - Event legendary... events. - Some of White Forest, but not any of the migrating trainers. So... still mostly untranslated, really. - Random Wi-Fi stuff. Most of the Union Room should be translated, but I don't really know for sure. Also some Dream World and High-Link things. - A few more TV shows, but still not many. - Lots of various fixes - should have covered most posted in the thread. Oh yeah, and I have no idea why the TM-teaching bug happens. So it's probably just going to stay that way, unfortunately.
  9. I'm still translating, but nobody's going to be talking about that until a V7 gets made to show it. So, yeah. If I do decide to stop and say "good enough" at any point, it'll almost certainly be when it's just Wi-Fi stuff left. (Or if I take so long that the official English version comes out first, I suppose.)
  10. Well, the general public will test it, for the most part. I did start systematically going through and translating non-story files the other day (most of the ones I got done seemed to be Dream World), but that stuff's probably not going to be my priority until just about everything else is done.
  11. The next version will have all of Kagome Town and Village Bridge, Draco Meteor tutoring, and the Dive messages. Kanawa Town might take until the next version because there's a guy there who talks about trains and he is SO BORING. I dunno what my priority will be after those. Probably the sports domes and the Battle Subway rest stop NPCs.
  12. I'd say just make the main patch have the official logos by default, then have additional patches that do nothing but change the logos - to the "old" ones, to the "new" ones, and to the really nice ones from a bunch of pages back. Those shouldn't even need to be updated for new versions, so it's pretty much easier for everybody. (Normally I would just say the official logos should trump everything and not to make so much bother about something relatively minor, but those are some seriously ugly official logos.) On that note, the Katakana Pokemon names should honestly be handled the same way, especially if it turns out a single patch will work for both Black and White (not sure if it would).
  13. Probably, for the names. I think that's always been the plan. (Even though Oshawott is an abomination of a name and there was no precedent whatsoever to change Isshu.)
  14. "There's a problem with your Pokemon, so it/they could not be entered." I'm guessing it's because you have names more than five characters. You need to either nickname your Pokemon 5-character-or-less names or get the Kata patch to keep the default names in Japanese. And now that I think about it, future Kata patches should probably keep the in-game trade Pokemon names in Japanese as well.
  15. Nah, I don't think any of the patch workers know how to edit teams or anything like that. You're only able to go that deep in the post-game; normally you can't go past the scene with Adeku and Geechisu. (The post-game also has a pretty crazy level jump for some reason.)
  16. There's a number of Wi-Fi features, and even individual things are usually spread over more than one file. At this point, almost every entry in the non-story files (0/0/2.narc) that isn't already translated is Wi-Fi related. There are also a number of actual "rooms" in the story files (0/0/3.narc) that involve Wi-Fi, such as the Union Room (463), the Global Terminal (471), and a bunch of High-Link/Dream World rooms. By the way, my repository should now be good for a version 6.5 featuring a nearly-complete, non-crashing Battle Subway. (Most of the NPCs hanging around the rest stops every 7 trainers aren't translated, and I may be missing a few other things since I haven't done an extremely thorough test.)
  17. I will try to translate Wi-Fi stuff once everything else is out of the way, it's just a bit harder without always knowing the context. Then it sounds like 9-letter names are problematic too, just not fatally so. I don't know why else it would show a blank line. Unless something convinces me otherwise, I'll shorten the names to 8 when I get around to finishing up the trainers (probably sometime tomorrow).
  18. Hm. Assuming it's not just opposed to having English text at all (which would be odd considering how many ways the Japanese version is "prepared" for the English script), and seeing as it apparently crashed before I started translating the trainer dialogue, I assume it must be a problem with the trainer names. Most likely that they're too long - after all, you can save Battle Videos of your battles with them. But I'm not sure what the maximum character limit would be, and it's hard to know which names are tripping it. EDIT: Okay, here are the 9- and 10-character names (since 8 seems like a logical limit to expect): And just in case, here are just the 10-letter ones: So I would say count the letters in each name you see. If you see a 10-letter name, I guess I'm wrong entirely. If you see a 9-letter name, I'll shorten the 10-letter ones. If you only see 8-letter ones until a crash, then I'll shorten everything to 8.
  19. V6 doesn't just have more trainer text, it has ALL trainer text, excepting the sports domes and the Battle Subway (and way more are missing from the sports domes than the Battle Subway). I noticed some were definite backwards steps when you imported my repository (for one, I never touched the Deru/Exit/whatever Power descriptions after my initial fork, so they went back to being terrible), so 6.5 is probably a good idea. I'll try to finish and test the Battle Subway for that. Like I said earlier, it's getting easier to say what's not translated. So here's what's I know isn't fully translated. - A small portion of the Battle Subway, though I've been focusing on the trainers, not the "structure," as it were, so I'm not really sure how small it is. Pretty much the same deal for the Trial House, since it apparently has its trainers in the same file. - The sports domes, though about half of the trainer dialogue there is translated. - Musicals. - Shaga/Iris teaching you Dragon Meteor. (I don't know why I haven't gotten around to this yet, really.) - Most of Black City and White Forest. (I don't think there's much in White Forest, but I've been doing all my testing in Black, so I don't really know.) - Parts of Kagome Town and Village Bridge. Probably Kanawa Town, too. - The Dive messages for "it looks like you can go up/down here" in the Abyssal Ruins. (Just couldn't find them.) - Most event Pokemon events. (I'll do Victini as soon as I can find a working code for it, I swear.) - C-Gear and PC help files. - Wireless/Wi-Fi stuff which I can't test. Ultimately, it's all optional stuff, though some things are more optional than others.
  20. Other than wireless/Wi-Fi stuff (since I have no way of testing it), it's certainly getting close. The biggest things left on my list of what's NOT translated are the Battle Subway/Trial House (partially completed), the sports domes (surely about half completed trainer-wise, I know I translated a million sports-oriented trainers), and the Survey HQ (which is easy but tedious). I could probably have those done in around a week, and from there it's mostly just mopping up stuff in the post-game. I've translated practically everything up to the ending (excepting the three things I mentioned above, some other things like musicals and legendary events, and anything I simply might not have found while testing), so that should all be in V6.
  21. <p><p><p><p><p>It's at the start of the topic. The download links are in the spoiler box at the bottom of Kaarosu's post.</p></p></p></p></p>

  22. <p><p><p><p><p>It's at the start of the topic. The download links are in the spoiler box at the bottom of Kaarosu's post.</p></p></p></p></p>

  23. <p><p><p><p><p>It's at the start of the topic. The download links are in the spoiler box at the bottom of Kaarosu's post.</p></p></p></p></p>

  24. <p><p><p><p><p>It's at the start of the topic. The download links are in the spoiler box at the bottom of Kaarosu's post.</p></p></p></p></p>

  25. Naïve is how it's spelled. Sometimes it's also spelled naive with a normal i, though. I didn't notice that line being too far over, but if it is, changing "become" to "be" would be best, I think. Assuming everything from my repository got over properly... - All scenes on the path of the story should be translated (though there are still likely a few issues, as it hasn't all been tested). - Somewhere around 30% (really rough estimate) of trainer dialogue is translated (but all plot-important battles are covered). - All NPCs (except for the designer in the lower-right of Shippou City) should be done up to around Raimon, and from then on it kinda just depends what I've felt like doing. Speaking of that last one, would anyone happen to know what file the designer's house is in? (Her first line starts "ワタシ かぐデザイナーの".) Or for that matter, Belle's first email? (It ends with the blinking "PIC_バイバイ"/"BYEBYE" emoticon.) EDIT: Also, I suppose a message to whoever translated the type images: the status effect images still need to be translated.
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