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black / white Pokémon Black and White Translation Project v2


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Yeah i agree with you at the rate at which translations are going the final crisp version should be out before the official :)
Hopefully it will, these guys are working their butts off daily on this game translation, so they have my full respect and support.
262,144KB is exactly 256MB. ;p
I lol'd.
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Lol i just realised that aswell, anyway I was wondering I have a childs play patch thing, the file is classed as an application, and when I drag my rom into that application it just produces a BAK files what is invisible on r4 wood could anyone help me out on this, also when i patch the clean rom with the v3 the size stays the same and the when I play it all the pokemons names are in japanese.

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Ahhh only with rudolph's V4 you can't enter to union room again on Pokemon Black, so i try to patch first with rudolph's V4, then applied translation patch an finally applied rudolph's V2 (union room) and it worked fine... only to let you know.

Thanks for the translation, you're making an excellent job in this.

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I have a question

How do I put both the V3 patch and Ruinaras story patch onto one Rom

Because when I patch with only one it works but when I then patch again with the other it stays stuck on a white screen


you cannot put one patch on top of another

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