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  1. At the bottom of the second post of this thread (Kaaruso's post) they are all in the spoiler bar
  2. So far every person I have talked to has spoken too has been in English regardless if they say important or just random information
  3. I have to got to give you SOOOO much thanks Thats is the single greatest fine yet Hopefully it means the translation will go a bit faster (not like you guys aren't already doing a great job) Great find man
  4. I have a question How do I put both the V3 patch and Ruinaras story patch onto one Rom Because when I patch with only one it works but when I then patch again with the other it stays stuck on a white screen Thanks
  5. I see you are better now and you are working on your 'secret' stuff (What is it????) BTW would you mind sending the stuff you did in the past 2-3 days to NSSVelocity so he can put it in the patch
  6. Just Wondering Are Ruinaras (think that's his name) patches also in V3. And in V3 up to what point (approximately) is the story meant to be all english (when you make a new game)
  7. I would help you but I would finish the game way too slow I usually only play about 15-30 mins a day shame
  8. So you are saying that you will give us the patch for the next couple of city's in return for us finding errors for you is that about right
  9. Dunno if you fixed it yet The two people playing drums and piano were still in japanese in my game
  10. OOOHOOHOHOHHHHHHHHHHHH is that route 1 DAMN I'm so sorry for all the confusion I was talking about the next route where you battle actual trainers thought that was route 1 -must be route 2 SORRRRRRRRY thats not meant to be translated is it
  11. So i got the new patch and talked to the people on route 1 For me they were still Japanese HOWEVER I think you should wait for 'bache' to get there and see if he has the same problem because I'm really nooby when it comes to all this sort of stuff and it wouldn't surprise if I didn't actually patch the right thing or used the wrong patch what I am saying is that you shouldn't trust me completely on this and wait for someone more experienced to see if they still have the problem
  12. Right Ill patch with the new one you just put up then see But other than route 1 everything before it was translated very well Nice job
  13. it's not a big problem Only the stuff that trainers say before and after the battle isn't translated All the stuff in battle is in English
  14. I am on route 1 now (about halfway through) apart from the fact that none of it is translated (Dunno if its meant to be) so far nothing is wrong with it
  15. lol saw the boy who talks about gameboys and PS3 at first I was like WTF then I remembered what you said
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