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  1. I too am having issues with 2.0 and am unable to press b. I have a 'ph'at ds and a DSTT. Version 1.1 works, but save file is only readable in pokesave, even if i resave it from there, the game does not recognize it. (Soul Silver if you're interested.)
  2. I've fixed some of the overflow issues with the pokedex... but have no idea how to use git properly. I've forked the main git, pushed my changes to my fork...(i think)... now what to do ? Here is the changelog for people of what to finish fixing the pokedex. 44.txt for the profs speech, and 235.txt for pokedex.
  3. Why would you want to do that !? Emulating a DS on a DS is just plain nuts. Presumably that emulator folder is for things like SNES and other things like that. (maybe gba, dont know about about acekard2).
  4. well if you just want to play this on your cart, after using Desmume, just load you game in desmume, save normally (X button -> Save), then choose File -> Export Backup memory. Then copy that to your cart, and if its the same name as your rom, it should load automatically. ... is that what you were asking for ? EDIT: lol, niga'd
  5. Looks like some pokedex lines are still too long. line 505 0235.txt: They’re very wary and take shifts to keep\xfffea watch over the area around their nest.\xfffeIf a guard isn’t there, they get nervous. looks like this in game: They’re very wary and take shifts to kee [no p] a watch over the area around their nest. If a guard isn’t there, they get nervous [no period] Not a big issue, but worth mentioning i think. EDIT: And the first team plasma event needs looking at too. EDIT2: and line 18 436.txt is missing an "e" But what should we humans do to b\xfffeambassador to the oppressed Pokémon? [should be: "be" or "become"] or something like that. EDIT3: also line 31 436.txt "I want to fight with Sanyou City's gym leader." is too long... how about "I want to fight Sanyou City's gym leader." ? and same line "is to challenge the gym leaders across the land." doesnt fit either...
  6. make sure you're using the right patch for the right game. I got this when testing Ruinarras's patch, it was a black only patch, and i was trying to patch my white version.
  7. Is it just me, or does it seem like a lot of stuff that ruinairars has translated is being retranslated, or being overwritten with japanese again ? It seems like a lot of people are working on the same thing, but getting no where fast
  8. lol, TTMenu with an R4. Anyway, since you are using the TTMenu, use this guide: http://projectpokemon.org/forums/showthread.php?11469-Pokmon-Black-and-White-Translation-Project-v2&p=93170&viewfull=1#post93170 (as linked on the first page of the main translation thread)
  9. why not ? you can open rar files on Windows, Linux, and Mac. All with free, if not opensource, software.
  10. You need to download and use this: http://filetrip.net/f13165-TTDS-EXT-INFO-SAV-6-31.html and if you want to keep the original firmware style, rename TTMENU.dat to .old and rename TTMENU.nds to .dat. And then either modify extinfo, and infolib to show the "true id"of white, or google for already patched ones.
  11. Couldn't you just get the map from your mum and check the towns that way ? You shouldnt need fly to just check the names
  12. I'd like to help too I dont really plan on starting a full game until i buy the english version, so i can check from the start for you.
  13. Youre doing a great job NSSVelocity, but i have one question, how is it that you manage to find everything so fast !? I spent a good 20 mins looking for one word, and i refresh the page, and ruinairas has asked for it and like 5 mins later you find it You use like a Grep program or something ?
  14. Im not sure which thread to post this in, but when deleting a save, the message is incorrectly formatted.
  15. Ah, well that explains why i keep getting a white screen for this And i was going to take some pictures too. Do you keep the storyline git upto date ? because i can just repackage the narc that way.
  16. Im using Vlads gts server hosted locally, and a few months ago it was working correctly, but now everytime i connect to the server it either doesnt download any pokemon, or says "unable to connect to gts server" and sends me back to the lobby Anyone had this happen to them before ?
  17. I got that when i was trying to connect to my wan ip address, while being inside the local lan. But if your not, that i would suggest to see if port 53 is unblocked (UDP) ?
  18. If anyone gets the urge to help me test my server, that would be great I've got it mostly set up, but im still not sure if port 53 is forwarded ? http://page81.no-ip.org/pokemon/
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