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  1. Jaroda Gigaiath Doryuunzu Roopushin Hiidaruma Zuruzukin Desukan Abagoura Zoroark Shubarugo Nattorei Shandera Ononokusa Agirudaa Kojondo Kirkizan Aianto Sazandora Ulgamoth Terrakion Meloetta Like to hear your opinions
  2. Hi, having some problems, when I patch my game using Delta GUI, the size of my game file does not change, and I checked the change log and basically none of the translated things in that log are on my game, theres only a bit of english every maybe 500 lines. e.g. the first meeting with reisham the only line of english there is by cheren saying we'll hold them off then the rest is in japanese, also when you aquire the dark stone all the text outside the musuem is in japanese and all the bit before that as well, cannot reply back as I am going to school but will check this post when I get in.l
  3. I'm having a problem with the patch, I patched the game, and the size of the game didnt change and when I play it theres pretty much no translation
  4. Will try it out now my R4 now, it takes about 10 minutes to put the file onto my SD card so my feedback will take a while anyway whats your opinion on V3?
  5. So even though when I drag my clean rom into the patch and only the bakup rom has been created and the original clean rom has not been altered at all with size or name it is still patched with the childs play?
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