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  1. I need someone who I can send a few Pokemon too, then have the mark the Pokemon as Fateful encounter (nothing else changed) and then sent back to me! Please is there anyone who can do this?
  2. I need a code so that I can mark my Pokemon Fateful encounter! (HGSS or Platinum) Also not so much a need, but would like an AR code to rename my HG rival as Joe
  3. Hey everyone, I was wondering if any of you could help me. I was wondering if there is a code, or if not, if someone could make one, that allows you to add the fateful encounter tag.
  4. <p><p><p><p><p><p>Hey, I have seen many of your fantastic codes and I am so grateful for them. I was wondering, is there a code, or could you make one, that allows you to add a fateful encounter tag to a pokemon that doesn't currently have one?</p></p></p></p></p></p>

  5. may i please have a code allowing me to modify the type of ball a pokemon is in! please!!!
  6. Any update on the pokeball modifier code yet? like to make the ball a pokemons captured in to be a different one
  7. You are correct. I want it so that the Heal Ball my Victini is in becomes a regular Pokeball!
  8. I really really would like a Code for UK Black that changes the Ball my Pokemon is in to a regular Pokemon. Please help me!
  9. I need a code that changes the Heal ball my victini is in to a regular Pokeball please. Darkraifan gave me a code but it did not work.
  10. ok ive done everything like, got my firmware updated, i input the code, mark my pokemon, and it doesnt work
  11. the bar was fully loaded, all green, and it got to the final step, it asked me if i was sure, i clicked yes, and after a few minutes it came up protocol error and the thing froze, had to switch off, tried again, got to the same point, protocol error.
  12. I recently got rid of my old XP and advanced onto windows 7, however, its not recognising my action replay. can someone help me please?
  13. Hey RASN glad to see you were back, dont worry no problem caused, im thankful that you give up your time to help us with these codes. Do you have a code that will allow me to change the Pokeball of my victini. Darkraifain posted one, and it just led me to a white screen and crashed my game.
  14. Thank you for telling me this, how do I update this firmware, and why have I never had to do it before for a new release?
  15. can someone help me, whenever i typed in codes for black, it just crashes and gives me a white screen after i click start on the ARDS menu after having selected my codes!!!
  16. the codes above dont work they just take me to a white screen on my game, like its frozen!
  17. <p><p><p><p><p>the code you gave me doesnt work, it just gives me a white screen and my game doesnt load!!!</p></p></p></p></p>

  18. Does this code work on Pokemon Black though? This is the Heartgold/SoulSilver ones isnt it?
  19. I caught it in a Heal Ball instead of the intended Poke Ball. I thought I could just ignore it, but it really bugs me, its like an OCD it's just wrong to see Victini and Zoroark dressed as Victini come out of that ball all the time. Can someone, someone please, give me a code for Uk Pokemon Black to modify the ball a Pokemon is in to a Pokeball. I would love you so much.
  20. RASN hasnt beeen on this for a whole month, people still post their requests, but they are just being ignored by RASN
  21. I need a code to change the Pokeball my pokemon is in to a regular Pokeball.
  22. I need a code to change my victinis ball to a Pokeball, please help me.
  23. Can someone provide me a code to change the Ball my Victini is in to a regular Pokeball? Maybe one that just does the first pokemon in your party or something, please
  24. I saw this on youtube, does it basically alllow you to alter the story of the game??? Like I see people fighting trainers such as Steven in HG, with a whole set of pokemon, if we download this software, can we add other character to our games, also can we alter their Pokemon? Say give Morty that Misdrevus he always wanted, and battle Dawn and Red and May and decide on their Pokemon?
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