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  1. Both games have the same amount translated. v5 Will have a ton of the story translated at our current pace.
  2. Don't use savestates to save the game. Use the in-game save option. Load v3, Save ingame. "File -> Export Backup Memory". Load v4, "File -> Import Backup Memory"
  3. Use periods next time. I'll just put this out there: Stop talking about No$GBA vs Desmume from now on! This is not the place.
  4. Stuff update sense v4 pertaining to story based dialog: Stuff in there. ---------------------------- Can't say much about it, I use a top-of the line computer and both run at full speed or better. My flash card also runs fine. Just really based on personal choice. Life or death situation: I'm taking my Xbox 360/PS3/Wii, then decide later.
  5. Why does No$GBA require 2 different AR codes to work. One for a Blue screen and a save fix. While Desmume requires none and has known better compatibility with more games. Desmume can run on lower grade computers if you setup the settings right, same with No$GBA No$Gba works on newer games by using AR to bypass areas it fails to work for.
  6. There's a issue on No$GBA and CycloneDS with battle and the "Fight" Button. -------------------------------------------------- Can't happen until a editor is out.
  7. You need to make a mistake so I can correct it and make you look like an idiot next time. The Internet is Serious Business after all.
  8. I've known how the Subway crash happens for awhile. It has something to do with the English names and that little kid. _VA8h-rgEF0
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