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  1. Thanks, the random chitchat rarly has anything important but still interesting from time to time, trying to decide wether to restart from beginning or continue from after third gym.
  2. When it's said story, does that mean every single person you bump into that has useful to random stuff, or just story events, or a mixture?
  3. *face palms* I've been sitting here thinking, man this is taking a long time, should have reached V4 by now....then realized that I hadn't checked to see if the thread was closed :> any word on V5 out soon? Or no? Only ask to wonder if I should wait a few days for 5 or just use 4 for now.
  4. WHats the difference between Kata and non kata V3? Is Kata with more story and such or what? A bit confused heh, are they the same otherwise?
  5. Thanks what I figured, but wanted to be sure it wasn't some sorta mega exp cheat or such :>
  6. Dumb question but are different versions compatible with each other save wise? I mean if I start the game now, and tomorow new more fuller translation out will the new translation work? Or would I need to start over again if I wanted to use the more full translation?
  7. Stupid question, but how much has been translated at this point? Is it all pokemon/moves/items? Any story and such?
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