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  1. hey i'm dutch too, if you need any help just say it i would like too Goodluck and keep it up did you translate the story / NPS stuff ? or are you already working on that ..:creep:
  2. Well , Even people is negatief or saying it's not working It's working perfect here ofc there are bugs but yea atleast people do it because they helping all other people around here and beside people said about the freeze problem i got that problem before i just use the V4 patch (anti pirate fix) and it solved all my freeze problems anyway Thanks for everything Translation team!
  3. Maybe something stupid But my Game Freeze Every 15 Min i think ? is that normal i'm using R4 i'm sorry if this the wrong thread or place to ask about this Thanks
  4. 『検索モード』= [search Mode] 『検索の結果』= [search results] 赤 = Red 青 = Blue 黄 = Yellow 緑 = Green 黒 = Black 茶 = Tea 紫 = Purple 灰 = Ash 白 = White I don't use Goolge translation a japanish friend of mine sended this this is for 0272.txt i hope it will help a little? 0271.txt 全国図鑑 = National Encyclopedia みつけた数 = Number Found 捕まえた数 = Number Caught 検索結果 = Search Results
  5. Can't wait for your masterpiece great job everyone who do this for all the users go for it and keep going
  6. Hey Nice work guys you're doing great work i'm using your PRE patched one Thanks for this and keep it up! i would like to help but yea i'm more a C# coder
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