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  1. Pokemon Quiz - Are you a noob or a pro?

    On a different note: adblocker interstition notice requires JavaScript to go through this (CSS magic should also help, or just display them all at once) hosted on some shared host that actually blacklisted one of the IPs I tried accessing it from question 3 shows a Latios, which isn't even a flying type Did I accidentally walk into some really postmodern spam?
  2. Update 4.2.0

    Update 4.2.0: blaze it Quintessential Twitch emoticon translation: "BabyRage"
  3. Ban the person above you! (Not really)

    Dear coltonsmogon, In accordance with the site-wide rule "Do not spam," you have been banned from participating in Project Pokémon. Project Pokémon has a zero-tolerance policy about spam. Further details have been recorded below. Sincerely, xorhash
  4. According to the Japanese Pokémon Global Link website[1] as reported by Serebii.net[2], thousands of people (5,954 to be precise) have been hit with bans from Online Play (Game Sync, Battle Competitions, Rating Battles, Global Missions). Banned users will see error code 090-0212.[1,2] The Pokémon Company has announced that they will continue their pursuit against people with edited save data.[1,2] We urgently recommend not going online until we have more information on how these bans were triggered. Sources: [1] https://3ds.pokemon-gl.com/information/b87bc53f-7144-44ba-9a29-59bd00330d84 [2] http://serebii.net/news/2017/26-January-2017.shtml View full article
  5. As our website decided to die on us, here are the PokeSav downloads. PokeSav is a save editing tool for Generation 4 (Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, HeartGold, SoulSilver). Its development has ceased. Users are encouraged to use PokeGen instead. Pokesav does have a few key features that distinguish it from other things, such as Underground editing; if you don't need something specific, however, stick to PokeGen for gen 4 editing. English Japanese French German Spanish Dutch Diamond/Pearl Download Download Download Download Download Download Platinum Download Download Download HeartGold/SoulSilver Download Download Black/White Download Zip file password (with the space and capitalization): Project Pokemon SHA256 (pokesav_de.zip) = 547ab12dd2bf912a3f7ed1a8fbeffe49aa47502a2f1d39799f95350f7e6478e7 SHA256 (pokesav_en.zip) = 91930d8b0255fb55c8cdcb8400b9d3db8d4e361e15c9d24fc920e307ca12e44d SHA256 (pokesav_fr.zip) = 2f3012bf1354095fd1dd1a74f58741f630f58c681ee52d7c80d0c2d6067ebd3d SHA256 (pokesavhgss_en.zip) = 36379e67c49a91831bf6ec91e5921da6c9078e549e2620e4dbfc4da528df667a SHA256 (pokesavhgss_jp.zip) = fec66b59da0311f3605077bbd31d816a0fd297f08633f3c45da1dcbb7bab66cc SHA256 (pokesav_jp.zip) = dae7ae74200dddf024c4a6aefc691adc3e965334c9ecc4a3facc253d839e680a SHA256 (pokesav_nl.zip) = 1f334997f0537a9728d2b8ba196a1ad783897938d2caf36865fa9e430ba8cd52 SHA256 (pokesavplat_en_old1.zip) = f77c0bb0b22fdc9fab2134dd32d6bf4b2552b477e0a9f6dae34dfebccdb50b96 SHA256 (pokesavplat_en_old2.zip) = e19093fc426c728331ea2c52e6919315a0ca60e7b44c9ef4776b9b3b532688bd SHA256 (pokesavplat_en_old3.zip) = fdc586835f4f561f3acb45a2c2dafc96f79ad050adf9908d751e0a8d210eedeb SHA256 (pokesavplat_en.zip) = fb15e009c35317a239d325a0deb120799d70eec19aff66fa67588181aa91acc9 SHA256 (pokesavplat_fr.zip) = 043440a72f85068b756d0ff0f1b88b008eee08e57d8ddea04df310e8d77bd7f9 SHA256 (pokesavplat_jp.zip) = b4e3b4b0e5a68e9b48f75b0396551c07304276cbf912a0000a514856f05afbc1 SHA256 (pokesav_sp.zip) = 7d3a8f01677d8bbcaff74b057fdb79f35e437452d892787daff72701926a1a7f SHA256SUMS file
  6. email verification doesn't work for gmail

    The issue is known and the administrators have been informed. Due to real life being a thing, this, unfortunately, will probably take a while to resolve.
  7. Well, Iunno about you guys, but a Java app that ships separate versions for three OSes and differentiates between 32/64-bit platforms is pretty fishy to me. Write once, run nowhere, anyone?
  8. That's just pretty sloppy coding. Party -> box should really just generate a warning that the stats will be regenerated if the Pokemon is removed from the box. Box -> party should just automatically generate the stats, given that the formula for stat generation given stat exp and DV is known.
  9. I need some help with modifying a Pokémon Red ROM.

    https://github.com/iimarckus/pokered will make everything considerably easier for you, in particular sprite replacement and making sure that the sprite given is valid (IIRC the limit is 64x64 and with two or three shades of gray). Then you'll want to just replace the name and sprite of some mon, like Rattata, and adjust the route 1 encounter table. If you want your scenario to happen with the first battle (i.e., before you even get a Pokemon), you'll also need to change the default battle type to the Safari Zone battle type. grep(1) is your friend here since the source is relatively large.
  10. Man, you had me thinking you were a spambot. Then I read the rest of the thread title. Welcome!
  11. Hackers on Project Pokemon

    I can confirm receiving the e-mail for a break-in attempt from the same IP address.
  12. I've been wondering... If you're writing the code in Java, why do you have separate versions for Linux x86 and x86_64? I haven't taken a look, but this strikes me as odd.
  13. add a showdown team converter

    Actually, the relevant code for exporting mons from Showdown (which is what the end users want -- they're sent over the write to the server in a different format, see fastUnpackTeam in tools.js of the server repo) in js/client-teambuilder.js in the function toText of the Showdown client, which is in a separate repository.
  14. Ohana3DS (BCH Tool)

    To quote from the opening post:
  15. As much as I hate being a naysayer all the time, I'd suggest you intentionally drop support for Windows XP, which has been end of life for quite some time, and thus it does not receive security updates. Anyone who is still using Windows XP should arguably be forced by third-party developers to do so, for their own sake.