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Found 20 results

  1. So I just recently learned that Generation IV Pokemon have Pal Park locations programmed into the games. I should have assumed this, as it would be required in case someone like us here at Project Pokemon decided we wanted to load a Gen IV .pkm into the Pal Park...just because we can. lol Anyway, I was wondering if anyone (Sabre?) has the locations for those Pokemon normally unavailable in the park. I'm just curious where some of the Pokemon would be placed.
  2. if i load a pokemon into pal park and then catch it, will it look as if it were really migrated in both legal and hex?
  3. Ok, so I'm trying to code in correct trash bytes for this shiny mew (Japanese)...I can get the Name's Pal Park bytes, but OT seems to NEVER work. The OT Name is "ミモ" Is there something wrong with the Characters or the name? Because the programs never fail. So please, if anyone can help I would looooooove you! P.S. I used TrashBytes.exe and Legal.exe but it doesn't help, still get Invalid TBs.
  4. does anyone have regice registeel regirock from RSE? any level any stats will do just fine~ thank you 1677-3006-1569
  5. Okay I'm trying to add a pal parked Pokemon, but I forgot what poke ball they need to be in. do they just get automated into a normal pokebal after you pal park one?
  6. Hi everybody, I spent all morning searching the forum about this problem. I play Platinum trough M3 Lite and the passcard. I used the pokesav for many things but the Pal Park button doesn't work. When i played diamond version it worked. Can anyone tell me why it doesn't work on Platinum the pal park editing? I passed elite four and have unlocked Pal park but still i cant edit it. =S:confused:
  7. Hi all, I've read the threads and there're sth i dun understand. Whats should I input in the "Egg received at" field if I want the pokemon to look like hatched from an egg in GBA, and then transfered to pal park? Whats the corresponding trash byte values then? Also, can I use any PID that does not match its IVs if the pokemon is hatched from GBA and catched in palpark? Thank you for your help.
  8. What are the conditions for a Pokemon that was hatched in the GBA games then sent to D/P? Does it follow the algorithms to get a PID or is it completely random like the DS games? Does the Pokemon have any data for the Egg fields in Pokesav or are they disregarded when you send them over Pal Park? I currently don't actually have any of the GBA games that have actually made it as far as the breeding centres to test myself.
  9. Hi guys, does anyone have the map co-ords for the PAL version of Platinum for the Distortion World portal in Turnback Cave (the room where Giratina was in D/P)? I really REALLY hate Turnback Cave and I just wanna get back to the DW and get the Platinum Orb or w/e it is! Thanks in advance. PS. Yes I know I could just add the item but I want to return to the DW!
  10. i cannot edit my pal pak in pokesav, i just cant choose the option, why is that?
  11. hoh do i make pal parked pokemon?????:confused::confused:
  12. I want to edit the pokemon in Pal Park but it is grayed out...What for I do to make it not grayed out.
  13. Hi, I am doing some research on trying to be able to make legal Pal Parked pokemon from scratch, can someone please post a .pkm of a 100% legit pokemon they bred and pal parked their self, from emerald please.
  14. I am having trouble making legal pal parked pokemon in pokesav. I keep having problems with trash bytes. I am using the southern island latios as a base because it has the correct trash byte and is a pal parked pokemon from emerald. Now, I can edit anything in the .pkm file and it stays legal, Untill I change its name. Once I change the name the trash bytes are invalid. Can anyone help me? also when i use a random PID as if the pokemon was bread, it shows its type as a Unknow GBA Type. Is that right?
  15. i need some help with the pal park i can go on it can you help me:bidoof:
  16. i think this is been asked alot but can you use the pal park in pokesav on pokemon platinum? and if not hows to progress of inplementing it into pokesav for pokemon platinum?
  17. Can someone help me i cant open the pal pak editing thing
  18. i would like to have a pokemon pearl ar code in pal park. i would like these pokemon in it: WISHMAKR jirachi SPACE C deoxys Lugia Mattle ho-oh MYSTRY mew ROCKS metang thanks
  19. Hello Im wondering if anyone here can make me a 100% legit pal park code of these pokemon please 10 ANIV Celebi 10 ANIV Raikou 10 ANIV Suicune 10 ANIV Entei WISHMKR Jirachi Bryant Park pikachu (Flying) Thank You to whoever makes this code. Thank You for your Hard Work.
  20. yeah i was using pokesav to direct add pokemons in my save file for the pal park. when i played and entered the pal park, i was able to catch all. however the pokes just vanish like bubbles. they were caught the nowhere to be seen. they're not on my boxes even in my team. they were registered however in the dex as seen. where the hell did those pokes go? can someone help me pls. note: it's my first time adding pokes in the park and i'm using no$gba emulator.
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