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  1. Using TrashBytes.exe I still continue to get Invalid Pal Park OT TBs for the following characters on a shiny Mew... "ミモ" Is there something wrong with the characters themselves that it won't generate correct TBs? I saw another Japanese shiny Mew with only two Japanese characters in it's OT name and it had valid Pal-Park TBs. Here's the link... http://www.pokecheck.org/?p=detail&uid=715749
  2. Ok, so I'm trying to code in correct trash bytes for this shiny mew (Japanese)...I can get the Name's Pal Park bytes, but OT seems to NEVER work. The OT Name is "ミモ" Is there something wrong with the Characters or the name? Because the programs never fail. So please, if anyone can help I would looooooove you! P.S. I used TrashBytes.exe and Legal.exe but it doesn't help, still get Invalid TBs.
  3. Whenever I try to create a shiny already hatch pokemon, it always says that the egg is "apparently hatched" but it says "egg received." I get my PID then enter my correct OT name along with ID and SID then press generate shiny ID. Any help?
  4. Anyone know an AR code to reset the pokedex to have seen and cap 0? (with national pokedex as well)
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