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  1. i will get the one with the black legendary he looks AWESOME!!!!
  2. well that is werid cuz i have no problems i have both US and it is fine
  3. there are private servers?????!!!!!!!!!!:eek::eek:
  4. is it teh US pokesav for platium cuz different region pokesav won't work and is uit us platium??
  5. if you put EVs on an egg when it hatches teh EVs are reset everything is reset when an egg hatches so make it so that the egg was hatched already and it will have all terh EVs, IVs, shiny, pokerus whatever
  6. are you sure it is teh same game cuz i don't ahve this problem
  7. hoh do i make pal parked pokemon?????:confused::confused:
  8. k it is a broad question
  9. Chikorita cuz i like grass and it has improved since gold and silver:kikkoman::biggrin:
  10. not sure either giratina or palkia i have no pearl
  11. ok thanks :kikkoman: i just wanted to know cuz i will make one soon
  12. like wishmaker or somethiing
  13. would i have to put a spefic name for ti?
  14. what is teh difference?
  15. is it possible to have a legit shiny jirachi???????:confused::confused::confused:
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