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  1. Can anyone make a code that allows one to get Max Battle Points(to be able to lrean moves from Move Tutors.)
  2. Sounds cool. I'll wait till your online then.
  3. I have a 10 Aniv Umbreon 10 Aniv Absol Kyle Riolu Almia Darkrai Pokemon Ranger 2 Manaphy Egg MYSTRY Mew Onemuri Pikachu Gamestop Deoxys Mattle Ho-oh
  4. Looking for a Heart Gold Kyogre, but I don't have what your looking for. Will you accept anything else?
  5. Well, any takers? I originlaly used Platinum for battles, but now I use Soul Silver for that. Just want to inform people. Also, I have a Mono-Type Team and my Regualr Battle Team. You can choose which one you want to battle. You can PM me to battle as well.
  6. Yono

    Hello All...

    Thanks for the welcome, PokemonQueen. :biggrin:
  7. Hmm, haven't caught a Shiny in a while, but I remember seeing a Shiny Gastly in my copy of Soul Silver within Sprout Tower. Was gonna try catching it, until I found out I ran out of Pokeballs. :frown:
  8. Is there a code a Max BP(the points you get at the Battle Frontier)?
  9. Yono

    Hello All...

    Hi. Thanks for the welcome!
  10. Yono

    Hello All...

    The name's Yono. Come from some other Pokemon sites. I found this place after searching for stuff on Soul Silver. I love to battle! So if anyone wants to battle. you can come to me for that. When I'm on, I'll always take challenges.
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