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  1. Okay so I'm looking to buy a flash cart for DS, is there one that works with DS games and GBA games? I have a regular original DS if that matters at all. If possible provide a name or a link for me. Also, if you have to get separate ones I could use names for both, preferably for the better brands. Please and Thank you!
  2. Hey, I've been using pokesav for over a year now but I semi-recently got windows 7 which is not compatible with my older model of AR DS. I was wondering if anyone could trade me via WFC and tell me my secret id from the traded pokemon. My friend code is 1334-0365-2511 I'll probably check this thread a couple more times today it's currently 10:07 mtn time which is my time zone so if anyone could reply with what time they could trade please include +/- your time zone is to my time. I dont really know them ignorance is bliss
  3. 1!!!! and... :bidoof: just because its awesome
  4. When any kids at school talk about pokemon I'll sarcastically say "Hey don't make fun of that!" or "Psh I was just playing that last night!" and since I say it sarcastically it looks like I'm joking around whereas I very possibly could be serious so I'm not lying I'm just disguising the truth. I would also like to point out the people who don't like ninjas (not like naruto or w/e but like real flippy aroundy and ninja star throwy ninjas) are dumb too. Ninjas are awesome ! and.... :bidoof: just because its cool!
  5. Hey does anyone know any real good 6 pokemon teams to use on PBR on the colosseums? Also if someone happens to have specific stats on each of the pokemon so I can make them on pokesav that would be awesome. (They can have hacked moves however I don't beleive they can have hacked stats.) Anyways I'm just not a very good team builder, on all the main series games I always get the starter pokemon and just add the first few I catch to my team until I get the legendarys lol, but I'm trying to help my little brother beat his game fast to get the surfing pikachu for him Anyways any advice could help!
  6. Okay I found someone that can get you pre-main event sav files he just needs to know where to upload them at. Thanks for all your hard work ! and... :bidoof: just because it's cool
  7. I posted an AR code that works for platinum and it's legit to get the regigigas, its in the RAM Editing sub forum under the Pokesaved D/P/Pl Codes.
  8. Unfortunately I'm using a real game cart and relying on ards codes to "hack" my game. I do own the AR Max Duo but it is unable to make saves of D/P/Pl or I would do it myself. So if anyone can just do that please do it would be awesome
  9. Hey if anyone can assist sabresite with acquiring a sav file for D/P/Pl that is basically a blank one before all the game events (if possible before you choose your pokemon but if you cant that is ok) but pre-all main storyline events would be good. I asked if he could put a part in to edit storyline events so we can effectively restart the game without losing our pokemon using an ARDS code and he said he would if he got a sav file like the one described. I know pretty much nothing about sav files so thats why I'm asking for help here. Hopefully if Sabre notices this thread he can post info on how to get the sav file to him. Anyways please and thankyou !!!
  10. It would probably be a pain in the butt to make this request happen but it wouldn't have to be with the first release, I was thinking maybe make every major "quest line event" happened or not happened so someone could fully restart their quest without losing their pokemon. I'm not claiming to understand how any of the programming works but I'm pretty sure that it would be very time consuming and difficult to do this so if it is don't waste your time doing it instead of doing what you want to put into the program. EDIT: If that is too much trouble like I said, then is it hard to have at least a gym reset and possibly a starter choice reset so we could get all 3 starters easily and in a completely legit fasion?
  11. Okay I re entered all the codes that I was trying to use and I wasn't using any more than I was before when it was working so I dont think I like over loaded it or anything, Could it have anything to do with the toggle to radio option I selected on the code manager? I just thought the circle looked cooler lol. EDIT: I think the radio option was it. It's working fine now. Thanks everyone
  12. [s]Instant Egg Creation with a different button activation[/s] <----[color=Lime]Check Official Code Thread[/color] Starter pokemon reset (so you can just choose all 3 without resetting your whole game)
  13. Okay so earlier today I was using the Wild Pokemon Modifier along with the 100% catch rate code and the Max IV code... but now my Wild Pokemon Modifier only works alone and not when I have other codes activated... Can anyone help?
  14. Well it also does it with the colored shards, and full restores and pretty much everything else I tried so if anyone knows why or can tell me how to fix it I would love them forever!
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